Jordan – Meal advisor – Consultant

Since 2013, PUI has been responding to the needs of most vulnerable populations affected by the Syria crisis in host communities. Through a community-based approach, the objectives of PUI in Jordan are the following:

  • Provide emergency/life-saving cash assistance to most vulnerable population to meet their basic needs
  • Improve access to services for most vulnerable populations in host communities
  • Support initiatives at community level to ensure social cohesion and economic empowerment opportunities for most vulnerable populations.

PUI strategy focuses on protection issues and is based on 3 major pillars a) Knowledge and awareness raising of women, girls, boys, men and community influential related to health, importance of education, prevention of early marriage and child labour/abuse, rights and promotion of services uptake, b) Alleviating measures such as cash transfers for an access to health, education, winterization and legal documentation) c) Provision of services (Economic empowerment, Informal education, PSS, health, education sessions and counselling, case management including referral and follow-up.

The MEAL advisor will bring significant experience and effective propositions to

  • Orientate the MEAL department from data management role to an active role of using and presenting data for decision-making in collaboration with operational teams
  • Improve the organization of the MEAL department to achieve this
  • Strengthen the existing MEAL strategy and protocols, ensuring they are institutionalized,

Train the staff so they have the capacity required to implement them.

Required Profile

  • Bachelor’s or Master degree in a field related to Project Management, international development and/or social sciences.
  • Minimum of 3 years experience as MEAL Expert, manager and at least 1 previous experience as MEAL Consultant. Expertise on monitoring and evaluation principles approaches in relief programs, using both quantitative and qualitative methods.
  • Strong experience in donor requirements and expectations, particularly ECHO, AFD, DFID. Demonstrated ability to transfer knowledge to diverse audiences through training and mentoring.
  • Excellent command in writing and editing documents in English. Working knowledge in Arabic is a plus.

How to apply ?

The application package should be comprised of: applicants’ CV, a cover letter, a financial proposal – this should cover the consultant’s fees and cost of living in Amman Jordan, flight tickets and visas. Accommodation can be provided in PUI’s guesthouse, field transportation will also be provided by PUI, a technical proposal including a timeframe

The applicants should also give at least 2 references.

Please send your application to Caroline Avan : [email protected]

To know more about our consultance, loot at the complete job description.

Date limite de réponse : Clôturé

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