Occupied Palestinian Territory : An external evaluation of PUI’s project


Established in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (oPt) since 2002, PUI aims to maintain or to improve the food security and the means of living of the most vulnerable populations who are directly affected by the protracted protection crisis.

The French Biblical School of Jerusalem (EBAF) is a worldwide famous research institute specialized in archaeology and is in charge of the two selected sites in close collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities (MoTA). This project aims at combining the strength of both institutions to achieve remarkable protection and promotion of Palestinian cultural heritage while providing humanitarian assistance to vulnerable population (i.e. some of the manual activities will be implemented by PUI’s beneficiaries).


Evaluate the efficienty and effectiveness of the implemented project for the protection, preservation and promotion of two archaeological sites in Gaza strip.


The evaluation will focus on programs developed under British Council funding on the Byzantine church site in Jabalyah –North of Gaza, “Mukheitim” and Saint Hilarion monastery at Tell Umm El’-Amr in Western side of Gaza. The evaluation should take place between December 8 and 15, 2019.  It is substantial that the different actors of the program meet in situ while the action is still ongoing before the scheduled end of the program on December 31, 2019.  The final report should be submitted in English to PUI by January 15, 2020.

The content of the evaluation mission must allow the scanning of all aspects of the program funded by the British Council Cultural Protection Fund at a fair value taking into consideration the socio-economic and political framework in which the program was carried out, i.e., taking into account the resources (material and human) available, the nature of their implementation and the difficulties and risks encountered and related to the context of Gaza. The risks and obstacles encountered should be given by the different stakeholders involved in the program.

Team selection & Required Profile

In order to provide a high quality report at heritage and scientific levels, in accordance with international standards, and maintain objectivity and neutrality of stakeholders, it is important that one of evaluators comes from outside of Palestine and the international evaluator should submit his/her application through the advertisement made by PUI’s headquarter. The selected team will be made up of 50% of local evaluators (Gaza and/or West Bank), and the local evaluator should submit his application through the local advertisement in oPt mission. The evaluator may also be a firm or expertise agency specialized in the field of engineering (cultural, heritage, or even in tourism). Certain parts of the evaluation will be in the form of interviews.

The teams who apply must provide a resume (CV) of their work expertise. The team should be multidisciplinary and able to carry out an evaluation of the project at heritage, technical, educational and social levels.

The involved evaluators may be architect in heritage (minimum Masters level 2), archaeologist (same criteria as architect), sociologist, specialist in restoration and heritage development, specialists in the field of cultural engineering, heritage and tourism and humanitarian filed. In general, the team must have a minimum of 10 years’ experience in the field of heritage and historical monuments.

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Application procedures

Qualified candidates are requested to submit a financial proposal, cover letter, CV and a couple of samples or previous evaluation reports via email to [email protected].

The consultancy shall not exceed 22,000 euros, with 14,000 euros for the international and 8,000 euros for the local consultant.

Date limite de réponse : Clôturé

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