Première Urgence Internationale is looking for a photographer, in the framework of a photo project, for a mission in November 2017 in Nigeria, around the activities of the NGO on Bolori II area of Maiduguri city.

Objective of the photo project

The objective of this photo project is to produce communication content putting forward the Nigerian humanitarian situation and highlighting the need for and impact of humanitarian assistance provided by Première Urgence Internationale and ECHO with a focus on food security interventions.

This content will be used on several media in order to reach the wider audience possible with a focus on the European and International public sphere and local communities and authorities in Nigeria.

Expected results

The communication material must be written in French and in English and should include:

  • About 50 Photographs highlighting the actions implemented by Première Urgence Internationale and ECHO and the living conditions of the targeted households in Maiduguri, Nigeria.
  • At least 8 testimonies of beneficiaries from different sectors of intervention
  • At least 2 testimonies of Première Urgence Internationale humanitarian workers (nationals and internationals)
  • Titles and captions for each photography

Profile of the photographer

  • Excellent command of English / Good knowledge of French
  • Ability to integrate the local environment into operations, in its political, economic and historical dimensions
  • Strong and objective interest for Nigerian and humanitarian issues
  • Ability to work independently
  • High degree of integrity and professional responsibility
  • Good analytical skills, ability to make his the project
  • Communication skills and ability to develop social networks
  • Writing skills

Expected supporting documents for application

  • CV
  • Cover letter
  • Examples of work completed over the last few years (text and picture material)
  • Please detail which support would be requested from PUI

Deadline of the proposal submission: 10th November 2017. To be addressed to Sophie ODEH [email protected]

You can dowload here the detailed TOR of this consultancy

Date limite de réponse : Clôturé

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