Libya – Consultancy – Engineer for the supervision of Civil Works & WaSH activities in East Libya



DURATION : from November 2023 to July 2024


In Eastern Libya, PUI infrastructure and WaSH activities aims at improving the provision of basic and health services, including but not limited to the rehabilitation of health facilities and water systems and networks, access to renewable energies and capacity building for local water authorities.

As part of its emergency response to the storm Daniel, PUI plans: 

  • to do minor rehabilitation and maintenance of health facilities,
  • to rehabilitate boreholes, which may include air lifting, borehole disinfection, pumps and electrical gear replacement as well as minor civil works repairs,
  • to build the capacity of local water authorities which will include the maintenance of dysfunctional water trucks, cranes, suction and utility trucks and the provision of personal protective equipment,
  • to carry out awareness campaigns regarding health, hygiene and nutrition in the context of floods.

The consultant will contribute 

  • To conduct technical needs assessment and analysis, develop Bill of Quantities (BoQ); and support the Logistic Departments in the procurement procedures and selection of suppliers and contractors, to make sure all technical specifications are met.
  • To supervise the progress of the works on the ground, ensuring the timeline and work plan are followed. S/he will be responsible of updating the BoQ in case amendments will be needed during the works implementation. S/he will be in charge of ensuring the quality of the works delivered, supervise the handover process and ensure mitigation measures, operation and maintenance plans are in place for the sustainability of the interventions.
  • The development of training materials for PUI staff or PUI counterparts when needs arise in the scope of the projects and ongoing activities, supporting in the identification of gaps and development of tailored training contents.
  • To liaise and coordinate with PUI programme and logistics departments, to ensure good communication and ultimately a smooth implementation of the works.

Provided that there will be no administrative barriers or security constraints, field visits to the sites of the activities are highly encouraged.

To accomplish the objective of this consultancy, PUI is currently seeking the technical support of an engineer who will be in charge of the supervision of the quality and progress of the activities that will be implemented through contractors. The consultancy is expected to last from November 2023 to July 2024. About 100 days of work are estimated over 9 months, to be planned in a suitable manner along with PUI team. This might be reassessed according to the needs during the partnership.


The overall objective of this consultancy is to supervise the quality and progress of WASH activities in Eastern Libya.


  • Conduct technical needs assessment and analysis, develop BoQs
  • Supervise the quality and progress of the works on the ground, ensuring the timeline and work plan are followed
  • Contribute to the development of training materials for PUI staff or PUI counterparts


The budget is > 10,000 euro / usd


Remote, with field visits if possible

For more information, please refer to the Terms of Reference


Applicants are required to submit the following:

  • Technical & Financial detailed offer
  • CV in English
  • Copy of Degree

Deadline for submission



[email protected] with Reference : LBY/Tempête Daniel/Consultance/Coordo EHA




Date limite de réponse : Clôturé

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