Consultant for developing a Communication Plan for INTIQAL-AFD funded project

Country: Occupied Palestinian Territory
Starting date: 3rd week of January 2023
Duration : 3rd week of january 2023 to June 30th 2023


  • PUI Globally

Première Urgence Internationale is a non-profit, non-political, non-religious international NGO.

Première Urgence Internationale helps civilians who are marginalised or excluded as a result of natural disasters, war and economic collapse.

Our mission is to defend basic human rights, such as those set out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948.

“Our mission is to help populations affected by humanitarian crises by providing them with the skills to take their future back into their own hands”.

In 2021, our projects are being led in 22 countries by 2 129 collaborators, 196 expatriates and 92 headquarters staff.


  • PUI in the oPt

Operational in the Occupied Palestinian territory since 2002, PUI has developed integrated programmes to assist Palestinians affected by, or threatened with, protection risks.

We help communities prepare for, and respond to, emergencies, we provide emergency response, including in-kind and cash-based interventions.

We contribute to the humanitarian coordination mechanisms to promote human rights and advocate for the rights of Palestinians locally and internationally.

In the Occupied Palestinian territory, we seek to continue developing our relationship with Palestinians, urging them to engage and act on their heritage and archaeological sites, to enhance their steadfastness, protect their identity and basic human rights.


  • The INTIQAL Consortium

We believe that re-framing the relationship of Palestinians with their cultural heritage and archaeological sites, through empowering youth and enhancing their capacities, will allow younger generations to move forward from the legacy of this heritage to a brighter future.


INTIQAL 2030 is a youth-led initiative supported by Premiere Urgence Internationale, an innovative socio-economic development program that leverages on the protection of cultural heritage involving communities and local civil society stakeholders, encouraging their interaction on archaeological sites. This initiative creates and runs a safe space in which girls, boys, young people and families engage in concrete actions and express their fears and hopes in a protective environment while developing their resilience following violent or traumatic experiences.

Beyond its cultural and historical positive impact, the INTIQAL consortium champions other socio-economic development objectives. These include innovative activities aiming at achieving economic and energy independence, and bringing new sustainable solutions which will benefit and empower Gazans and their community in the long term.


Through strengthening and reframing youth’s relationships with cultural heritage, future societal outcomes are reimagined, more vibrant than ever, reflecting the resilience youth in the occupied Palestinian territory are well known for.


Hence, INTIQAL 2030 provides opportunities for Youth to be a positive force for development, engaging them in supporting and achieving comprehensive socio-economic development for their community, and to help accelerate the implementation of sustainable development goals (SDGs) approved by the United Nations.


Since 2017, and in close collaboration with Palestinian youth (workers, graduates and young professionals), INTIQAL has been instrumental in protecting two threatened historical sites in the Gaza Strip: Mukhaitem (Byzantine Church of Jabalya) and Tell Umm el-’Amr (Saint Hilarion Monastery).


Premiere Urgence Internationale leads the consortium and continues to work on comprehensive projects with diverse activities such as protection and preservation, training and capacity building, promotion of cultural heritage while engaging the Palestinian community and raising awareness about the importance of cultural heritage and its future.

We are proud of our partnerships with local communities, schools, archaeological experts, cultural and academic institutions as we seek to contribute to the understanding of how youth engagement and social entrepreneurship can support youth social and economic development and help accelerate the implementation of the SDGs.


  • The AFD-funded project

PUI has signed a 5-year project funded by Agence Francaise de Development (AFD) to establish St Hilarion site as a venue for social & economic development for youth in the Gaza Strip, through:

▪ The setup of ambitious infrastructures and site enhancement to ensure protection of the site, and the construction of a protective cover above the archeological remains.

▪ The creation of an interpretation centre, for the reception of the public and specifically youth as well as the development of cultural activities, scientific mediation, exhibitions, well-being and psychosocial support activities, allowing the valorization of the site among youth and the local communities with a view to boost the local economic fabric and social cohesion and support the resilience and well-being of young people.

▪ The Development of an ambitious and comprehensive training programme targeting youth in the field of heritage preservation, restoration and valorization, cultural mediation, site management and technical maintenance, scientific and cultural programming.

Outreach activities aiming at promoting the site of St Hilarion in East-Jerusalem and in the West Bank through the establishment of exhibitions and innovative tools.


We are looking for a consultancy team for a six month consultancy that would develop a Communication Plan for the AFD funded project and consult PUI teams and key stakeholders to help us fine-tune:

  • Why we communicate: community mobilization, inform about the impact of the project, and raise interest from potential new partners
  • For whom: Palestinian Youth, key institutional stakeholders and cultural organizations
  • With what: new technologies (web portal, application), publications
  • How: online, social media, media and events (conferences)
  • When: key dates and events during the project timeline

Evaluate the communication plan effectiveness: Set up indicators and monitoring tools


20 000 EUR (all expenses included)

Questions/ Answers:

Expected Deliverables are:

  • 1 exhaustive communication plan and an executive summary, aligned and articulated with AFD visibility and communication guidelines
  • 1 graphic charter along with logo: strong visual identity and brand guidelines.
  • 1 short video (3min max) to launch the communication towards all stakeholders
  • Development key messages, vision, story telling
  • Graphical toolkit for publications in social media and visual printings (all copyrights assigned to PUI) for printing and digital international campaign to present the project and showcase the achievements.
  • Short training plan to further build the capacity of the internal communication resources who will work on the project
  • Work plan/Planning of the communication roll out over the 5-years project along with indicators and monitoring plan/tools. All communication materials must be available in FR, ENG and ARA


Bid must contain:

  • Examples of previous work with some similarities with Humanitarian/Development project, Cultural Heritage and/or Youth engagement
  • CVs of members of the consultancy teams
  • Detailed work plan: Reporting plan to PUI, deadlines
  • Demonstrate capacity to work in French, English and Arabic: highlighting where the team members are based: in France and/or in Palestine, who would be traveling.
  • Clear methodology and approach for this specific consultancy (community engagement and consultations with key stakeholders) detailing the components that would be done online, the tasks that would be carried out in Palestine.
  • Detailed price offer and disbursement plan (please note a percentage will be retained until validation of final deliverables)

Could you please explain what you mean by graphic charter along with logo?

The graphic chapter along with logo is one of the expected deliverables of this consultancy.

The graphic charter will be a document that brings together all the visual elements of the project identity : logo, color, typography, image, illustration. It will guide our teams to ensure the consistency and graphic homogeneity of our project’s image on all digital or print communications media.

The donor’s support must be referenced on all project-related communications tools by using AFD’s official logo.

It will have to be combined with Intiqal project brand via the communication plan strategy, affording Intiqal and the donor’s communication tools in an equal level of visibility.

Criteria Ponderation
Relevant experience: portfolio, production of visual and multimedia products + work in ENG, FR and ARA, composition and coherence of the consultancy team.

Nb: diversified representation in terms of gender, age, diversity and nationality will be considered an added value. The presence of at least one Palestinian within the consultancy team will be a strong advantage.

40 %
Creativity – Capacity to challenge and propose innovative thinking, ideas to elaborate meaningful communication plan. 25 %
Adequation with culture & process – Commitment to PUI values and expertise of the consultancy teams. 10 %
Cost – Price transparency, coherence of the offer & cost sharing. 25 %


For more information, go to Term of Reference

Questions can be submitted to: [email protected] and [email protected] by January 3rd 2023

Answers will be shared to all on by January 5th 2023

Bid must be sent by January the 10th to:  [email protected]

Date limite de réponse : Clôturé

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