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Première Urgence Internationale is a not-for-profit, apolitical and secular international solidarity non-governmental organisation whose aim is to defend fundamental and basic human rights, as defined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948. Our aim is to provide a rapid global response to the basic needs of populations and communities affected by humanitarian crises, to help them regain independence and dignity. Our teams are mobilised to meet the fundamental needs of civilian victims who are endangered, marginalised or excluded by the effects of natural disasters, wars, or economic collapse. We work in complementary fields such as health, food security, nutrition, infrastructure renovation and construction, access to water, hygiene and sanitation, economic recovery, education and protection.

Première Urgence Internationale’s strategy is to develop an integrated approach of crisis management based on our technical, medical and non-medical expertise. Première Urgence Internationale’s activities span from emergency to post-crisis/development support and our programs are designed and developed in strong partnership with national/regional authorities, communities and the civil society.


Première Urgence Internationale works in the field of international solidarity. Bringing a close attention to those who do not have access to humanitarian aid, Première Urgence Internationale provides them with aid regarding the following principles:

Humanity, Impartiality, Independence, Accountability, Adaptability, Transparency, Cooperation and Partnership, Involvement, Dialog, Initiative and Trust.


  • Africa: Democratic Republic of Congo, Central African Republic, Chad, Cameroon, Mali, Niger, South Sudan, Libya, Senegal, Nigeria
  • Asia: Myanmar (Burma), Bangladesh, Afghanistan, North Korea
  • Middle East: Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Occupied Palestinian Territory, Yemen
  • Europe: France, Ukraine

Context of Intervention


As the crisis in Ukraine slides into its seventh year, civilians continue to bear the brunt of a conflict that affects 5.2 million people, 3.5 million of whom require urgent humanitarian assistance and protection services. Fear of shelling, violent clashes or treading on one of the many landmines or unexploded remnants of war (ERW) are daily companions for millions of people living near the over 420-km-long line of contact. Since the start of the conflict, more than 3,350 of civilians have been killed and over 9,000 injured. Dotted with landmines and other ERWs, eastern Ukraine has been branded as one of the world’s most mine-contaminated areas.

The crisis in eastern Ukraine has become protracted. The long-term consequences are getting increasingly serious with daily hostilities damaging critical infrastructure, weakening the health care system and severely impacting the daily lives of the people residing in the area. Every month, more than 1.1 million civilian crossings are recorded at the five checkpoints, where families often have to endure long waiting hours in the bitter cold in the winters and scorching heat in the summers. This is especially cumbersome for the elderly, who make up 30 per cent of all people in need making this conflict the ‘world’s oldest humanitarian crisis’ as one third of the people in need are over the age of 60.

Première Urgence Internationale has been intervening on both sides of the line of contact in Donetsk Oblast in Eastern Ukraine since February 2015, ensuring first-aid services at exit-entry checkpoints (EECPs), providing access to quality health and WaSH services along the line of contact, as well as increasing its focus on isolated communities/hard-to-reach settlements with support adapted to the specific needs.

Première Urgence Internationale is the only international NGO ensuring immediate presence at the 4 EECPs of “Mayorske”, “Mariinka”, “Novotroitske” and “Hnutove” located along the line of contact in Donestk oblast on a daily basis. So far, the organisation has supported 21 facilities (ambulatories, feldshers and midwives’ points, city or district hospitals) with access to treatments for local populations, capacity building of health staff, supply of medical and non-medical equipment and consumables, incentives for fuel for local health authorities, and basic repairs of WaSH infrastructure.


Première Urgence Internationale is currently implementing 4 projects in Eastern Ukraine in the field of health and water, sanitation and hygiene (WaSH). It is worth noting that projects include response to the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Within these projects, Première Urgence Internationale contributes to improve the access of conflict-affected population of Donetsk region to essential and qualitative health and wash services along the line of contact. In line with the current sanitary crisis affecting Ukraine, PUI also implements activities aimed at containing the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic and decrease morbidity and mortality.

Key Data of Première Urgence Internationale’s Mission in Ukraine

Mission Start Date February, 2015
Areas of Intervention Eastern Ukraine, Donetska Oblast
Number of Staff 49 staff national, 5 international
Activity sectors  Health, Water Hygiene and Sanitation


In order to raise awareness about the humanitarian situation in Eastern Ukraine, PUI – with the financial support of the European Union (ECHO) and the Office of U.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance (OFDA)- will launch from the last semester of 2020 a large national and international campaign.


Objectives of the campaign are the following:

  • Raise awareness about the dire humanitarian situation in Eastern Ukraine due to the protracted conflict;
  •  Highlight the toll that the conflict has so far taken on ordinary people living along the line of contact – to show their faces, “Faces of Conflict”;
  • Show the activities implemented in support of the populations living along the line of contact in Eastern Ukraine; and particularly to give visibility to the programs implemented with the support of EU Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid (ECHO) and USAID’s Office of U.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance (USAID/OFDA);
  • Show the activities implemented in health centers/elderly homes during COVID-19 sanitary crisis
  • Explain why it is essential for Première Urgence Internationale to continue to intervene in this country;
  • Acknowledge the contribution of Première Urgence Internationale’s donors to the common cause of humanitarian assistance in Eastern Ukraine.

In the framework of this communication campaign, Première Urgence Internationale is looking for an experienced Photo-reporter. Pictures, testimonies and videos collected by the Photo-reporter will enable the organization to successfully implement activities planned in the campaign.



Pictures taken by the Photo Reporter will be used by Première Urgence Internationale’s communication team to create a diaporama. It will highlight the dire humanitarian situation in Eastern Ukraine based on the photo portraits of ordinary people living there and Première Urgence Internationale’s humanitarian involvement in the region.


Video documents taking the form of filmed portraits prepared by the Photo Reporter will be used by Première Urgence Internationale’s communication team on social media to highlight the dire humanitarian situation in Eastern Ukraine based on testimonies of ordinary people living and humanitarian workers.


Pictures taken by the Photo Reporter will be utilized by Première Urgence Internationale’s communication team to organise a photo exhibition in Kyiv and in Paris. The exhibition will take form of an external event (open to the general public) highlighting the overall humanitarian situation in Eastern Ukraine, paying particular attention to the human side of the conflict, to “faces” of ordinary people bearing the brunt of the ongoing hostilities along the line of contact.

Depending on the availability of the Photo Reporter, he/she may be invited to attend these events.


Pictures and videos from the Photo Reporter will be utilized to carry out a web visibility campaign launched and managed by the communication team of Première Urgence Internationale. Pictures and videos will go along with the publication of exclusive contents, such as texts, maps and videos (in which might be used some video footage filmed by the Photo Reporter).


Pictures and videos from the Photo Reporter will help Première Urgence Internationale communicating about its mission and activities in Eastern Ukraine during this campaign and later. After the end of this 2020’s campaign (Faces of Conflict), the pictures taken by the Photo Reporter will be archived as communication material to be used in further articles, videos, events or any communication project.


Photo/video Reportage
Recruitment of the Photo reporter 2  weeks August 2020
Photo reporter’s mission
in Eastern Ukraine to take  pictures of “faces of conflict”
2 weeks September 2020
Information processing :
Design and layout of the communication material selected
2 weeks October 2020
Validation of the videos, pictures and the texts by Première Urgence Internationale’s teams 1 week October 2020

Photo Dissemination

(by Première Urgence Internationale, with punctual support requested from the Photo Reporter)

Photo/Video Exhibition in Kiyv 2 weeks or more January 2021
Photo/Video Exhibition in Paris 2 weeks or more January-March 2021
Publication on the website of Première Urgence Internationale
Design and layout of the communication online (Première Urgence Internationale‘s website and social media) 3 weeks From October 2020


The communication material must be written in English* and include:

  • At least 100 different photo portraits (including photos of facilities, locations, EECPs, etc. that are relevant to the topic of the conflict) of Première Urgence Internationale’s beneficiaries living along the line of contact;
  • Titles and captions for each picture, mentioning at least the date and exact place of the shooting. Final version of pictures has to be shared on CD (2 copies) and on one USB flash drive.
  • At least 8 testimonies of beneficiaries (text based on the information provided by beneficiaries during interview as well as quotations from such interviews) and 2 testimonies of Première Urgence Internationale humanitarian workers (nationals and internationals). Final version of testimonies has to be shared on CD (2 copies) and on one USB flash drive
  • At least 10 short videos rushes about portraits of people suffering from the conflict. Final version of videos has to be shared on CD (2 copies) and on one USB flash drive.

*Titles and captions will be translated by Première Urgence Internationale for national dissemination.


Expected profile of the Photo Reporter:

  • Experience in Photography and Video shooting
  • Ukrainian national or Ukrainian resident
  • Ukrainian/Russian speaker, Good command of English
  • Ability to understand and integrate the local environment into operations, in its political, economic and historical dimensions
  • Strong and objective interest in Ukraine’s issues and for the humanitarian aid
  • Experience of work with NGOs/UN agencies is a strong asset
  • Ability to work independently
  • High degree of integrity and professional responsibility
  • Good analytical skills, ability to make his/her the project
  • Good communication skills and ability to develop social networks
  • Good writing skills

The Photo Reporter will be directly placed under the responsibilities of PUI Head of Mission. She/he will have to respect the security rules of the organisation.

The Photo Reporter will attend a briefing on Première Urgence Internationale’s activities and security rules before the start of the shooting mission in the field.


Provided by Première Urgence Internationale:

  • Accommodation and transportation in Ukraine during the mission (departure: Kyiv)

Photo Reporter’s responsibility:

  • Laptop & Photographic and video equipment
  • Passport, and transportation to Kyiv (if necessary)
  • Subsistence and catering expenses during the mission


  • Technical and financial detailed offer: pro-forma invoice (validity of 6 months) with the details of the proposed service and detail of the pro-forma (the total amount must not exceed 2,000 USD)
  • CV
  • Cover letter
  • Examples of work completed over the last 5 years (picture material, and videos)
  • Please detail which support would be requested from Première Urgence Internationale
  • Deadline of the proposal submission: July, 31st, 2020

Application to be addressed to:

Sergiy Svyatenko

Communication Officer, Ukraine

[email protected]

Chiara Ciampa

Communication Officer, HQ, France

[email protected]

Date limite de réponse : Clôturé

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