Consultant for a Cash and Voucher assistance – Poland

Country : Poland

Starting date : 15/07/2022

Duration : 20 days

Source of funding : SUDOP



The large-scale attacks launched by Russia on February 24, 2022, triggered an unprecedented humanitarian crisis in Ukraine and neighboring countries. The United Nations estimates 18 million people to be affected in Ukraine and nearby countries. By the beginning of April 2022, more than 4 million people had already fled the country, 2,5 million of them crossed the Polish border.

Poland is now the country that receives the most refugees from Ukraine through about eight border crossings in the southeast of the country. Greeted and taken care of in dedicated reception centers, these refugees, mostly women and children, suffer from the fatigue caused by the journey and the psychological consequences of war and exile.

PUI is currently operating in the surrounding of Premysl a city close from the Ukrainian border. The current actions of PUI are mainly focusing on Mental health and psychosocial support as well as protection activities.

While expected return rates are still unclear, it seems that a large part of the current refugee population will settle for a longer time in Poland and therefore need assistance to sustain themselves on the long run and integrate in the local communities.

The humanitarian community identified CVA assistance as the preferred modality of intervention in the country as it seems that all conditions are there for this type of modality to be implemented in the country.

An active Cash working group is in Place in Poland since few months but the country never had to deal with a humanitarian crisis before and therefore a lot of information regarding CVA still need to be produced at a country level.



The general objective is to assess needs of the refugees in order to feed the analysis of CVA intervention in Poland.



The consultancy will have four specific objectives:

  1. Understand the needs of the refugees population in areas of intervention (Ukrainian border) as well as in cities (Warsaw – Crakow) and give practical guidance on potential humanitarian responses
  2. Give practical guidance on potential humanitarian responses
  3. Realising a literature review of the current social protection schemes in Poland
  4. Calculate a MEB for both Premysl as well as Varsaw



The budget will be proposed by the consultant as part of the financial proposal/quote.


For more information, please download the Terms of Reference.



Interested parties should submit in French or English:

  • A technical proposal presenting the methodology proposed as well as an understanding of the challenges of the proposed Terms of Reference (ToR)
  • A financial offer including a detailed budget by headings (fees, travel, other costs)
  • The timeline presenting the details for the realization of each phase of the consultancy.
  • A financial offer including a detailed budget by headings (fees, travel, other costs
  • An updated CV
  • Exemple of deliverable from previous assignment
  • Professional references


Applicants should send all documentation before the 10/07/2022 in electronic format to  :

Marion Charpentier: [email protected] 

Tinou-paï Blanc: [email protected]

Date limite de réponse : Clôturé

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