Resurgence of violence in South Sudan

On 8th July, fighting broke out in Juba in South Sudan. This resurgence of deadly violence in the country has led to hundreds of fatalities and resulted in population displacement in the capital. A ceasefire has been agreed. This decree is being respected but the calm is still fragile.

Tensions were simmering and the conflict resurfaced violently on Friday 8th July as South Sudan was celebrating the fifth anniversary of its independence. Confrontations resulted in hundreds of deaths. Fierce fighting involving heavy weapons broke out in the capital, provoking 36,000 people to flee from their homes since that Friday, according to the UN. On Monday 11th July, an appeal for ceasefire was made. So far successfully respected, this ceasefire remains precarious.

Appeal to cease fighting

Première Urgence Internationale has been supplying essential health care to 75,000 people in the north east of the country since February 2015, in Majaak Kar, where many people displaced by the civil war had taken refuge during the war. For the moment, activities in this area are being maintained, and Première Urgence Internationale is on standby to help with additional needs related to the resurgence of tensions, as circumstances are evolving.

The NGO appeals to all sides to ensure an end to fighting, to maintain a lasting peace and to respect humanitarian access to vulnerable populations in the country.

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