Humanitarian context

Cameroon represents a host territory for many bordering countries. The security crisis of Lake Chad, the persecutions in the Central African Republic by armed groups since 2013 and terrorists attacks form the Islamic State in West Africa beget massive displacements of population.

The host capacity of these bordering villages are drenched with this massive inflow. This concentration of refugees in  Cameroon pressurizes the host populations infrastructures and the natural resources which were already vulnerable before the crisis. Nearly 2.9 million people urgently need humanitarian aid (source : OCHA).

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Description of the mission

Première Urgence Internationale first intervened in domains such as food security and drinkable water supply, hygiene and sanitation in Cameroon. The NGO arrived in 2008 and has responded to the needs of the first wave of Central Africans refugees in 2006. The arrival of new Central Africans refugees in 2014 led the mission to adapt its response to border sites of transit through activities of camp management and implementation of shelters.

The NGO developed a multisectorial approach in response to the populations’ needs. In 2015, the mission opened a new base in the region of Extreme North (Maroua) to intervene among intern displaced people and host populations. Première Urgence Internationale leads actions in refugees’ camps to bring a sustainable answer which integrates host populations to improve the living conditions of both populations.

Premiere Urgence Internationale in action

Première Urgence Internationale keeps reinforcing its camps management activities to fill the coordination gaps between the actors on the field. The teams intensify the food security and livelihood activities to contribute to the empowerment of the populations. Food-producing, truck-farming and generative activities are organized.

The mission first aim is to reinforce the capacities of populations. The intervention in water supply is associated to an implication of the community through activities of formation for water and hygiene management.

Photos : © Adrienne Surprenant

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