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Support a humanitarian organization like Premiere Urgence Internationale is a strong commitment. Take actions with us to help refugees around the world and victims of natural disasters, wars and economic collapses.

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Nous vous proposons deux formats: petit (320×79 pixels) ou moyen (500×124 pixels)

Bannière Reconstruction (Haïti)

Petit 320 x 79 pixels

Moyen 500 x 124 pixels

Bannière Accès à l’eau (République Centrafricaine)

Petit 320 x 79 pixels

Moyen 500 x 124 pixels

Bannière Centre de santé (Afghanistan)

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Bannière santé maternelle et infantile

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Reconstruction (Haïti)

Accès à l’eau (République Centrafricaine)

Centre de santé (Afghanistan)

Santé maternelle et infantile


  • Support one of our projects by organizing a solidarity race, a trek or any other sporting events.
  • You may donate some of the profits to our association, or simply distribute our brochures and publicize our project.
  • You may also organize a concert, or cook a large solidarity meal etc …

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How your donations are used?

Stats Each year, Première Urgence Internationale allocates most of its resources to the programs and activities and only 0.2% to fundraising. Your donations are crucial.

Take control of your destiny

Your donations ensure our freedom of action. They allow us to provide support to those affected by crises that have been forgotten by the media and institutional sponsors. It means that the decisions of how to use all of the donations collected are taken by the organisation. It gives us the freedom to act and to increase our responsiveness.
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