Occupied Palestinian Territory

Humanitarian context

In the Gaza strip, the « Operation Protective Edge » launched in the summer of 2014 caused the displacement of 475 000 people and serious material damage. The consequences of this war and the economic blockade greatly impact the conditions of living of the Gaza population.

In the West Bank, the population is still suffering as a result of restricted movement imposed by the Israeli authorities, destruction of housing as well as settler violence. Israelis settlements keep growing despite the resolution 2334 of the UNO (United Nations Organisation) adopted at the end of 2016. The situation of Palestinian populations keeps getting worst because of a lack of diplomatic agreement.

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Description of the mission

Première Urgence Internationale has had a presence in the West Bank since 2002, and in the Gaza Strip since 2009. The NGO has focused its activities on populations’ protection given the worrisome security context. The teams of Première Urgence Internationale intervened in emergency in response to the conflict of summer 2014 during and after the crisis thanks to distribution of non-food items, water supply for an isolated village, cash for the most vulnerable families and rehabilitation of arable land.

In 2016, the aim of the intervention of the NGO is to maintain or to improve the food security and the means of living of the most vulnerable populations who are directly affected by the prolonged conflict between Israel and the Palestinian Occupied Territory.

Premiere Urgence Internationale in action

In the West Bank, Première Urgence Internationale continues its activities for the victims of settlers attacks through a warning system set up with the communities, an emergency response and advocacy actions. The teams accompany farmers in the area of restricted access so that they can maintain their agricultural activities. The NGO also contributed to the enhancement of women socio-economic activities.

In the Gaza strip, the activities of livelihood, of professional trainings and of “cash for work” enable to respond to housings’ daily means in food security. Professional kits are also distributed in the framework of the economic renewal program and also seeds.

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