Official visit to Bardarash in Iraqi Kurdistan


On 20th July, André Vallini, the French Minister of State for Development and Francophony, went to the displaced people’s camp in Bardarash in Iraqi Kurdistan to visit several humanitarian projects supported by France. He also answered questions from NGOs present in Iraq, in particular Première Urgence Internationale, in a more informal meeting.

Representing the support given by France to the Bardarash displaced people’s camp, the Minister of State for Development and Francophony visited humanitarian projects in the camp on Wednesday 20th July. Accompanied by an official delegation, André Vallini inaugurated a school and delivered a speech to thank all the organisations working in Bardarash. The Première Urgence Internationale teams had the opportunity to show the Secretary of State the psychosocial activities put in place for those in need. The delegation also visited the health centre managed by Première Urgence Internationale, which in June reached its 3500th consultation. The NGO’s teams also manage a large proportion of the camp’s water, hygiene and sanitation infrastructures.

On Thursday 21st July, ten French NGOs, including Première Urgence Internationale, took part in a question and answer session with the Minister of State. It was a chance for them to ask about France’s funding arrangements for humanitarian projects, and also to talk about different problems that the NGOs can face in Iraq, such as difficulty accessing vulnerable populations.

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