North Korea

Humanitarian context

Since the « Great Famine » of 1990 years, the North Korea has faces a protracted and politically forgotten crisis. However, in rural areas, malnutrition and lack of access to basic services particularly affect the most vulnerable people: children, pregnant and breastfeeding women, the elderly and people with diseases.

The border closure in response to COVID-19 increases isolation on the international scene and slows import of merchandises. Consequently, the rural communities are struggling to develop agriculture, which is also suffering the consequences of climate change and natural disasters. Access to food, water and health remains problematic for more than 18 million North-Koreans.

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Description of the mission

Present in the country since 2002, Première Urgence Internationale is one of five non-governmental organisations (NGO’s) authorised to conduct humanitarian and development programs in North-Korea. Historically working in the health sector, the association has focused since 2007 in the food security, nutrition, WASH and support for education sectors, mainly funded by European Commission and the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Today, the NGO focuses its action on local production and small-scale food processing at the scale of collective farms. Also at the household level, to develop their food and economic resilience in the face of climatic shocks and during the lean season.

Premiere Urgence Internationale in action

The mission adopts an integrated approach, in order to respond to the different needs identified. In terms of nutrition, Première Urgence Internationale works at the level of collective farms on the production and processing sectors of goat milk and soy, rich in proteins, as well as vegetables and mushrooms, sources of vitamins.

At the regional level, Première Urgence Internationale provides support activities for three universities of agriculture and agroindustrial. These long-term investments in training policy makers are intended to accompany a fundamental change in the provincial agricultural strategy.

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