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Première Urgence Internationale benefits from the support of its private and institutional partners. We are able to develop our organization and launch our projects with their trust and support.


Why should you commit yourself alongside with Première Urgence Internationale? To express yourself as a citizen brand, to make your corporate values meaningful or to federate your staff toward the same goal?

Humanitarian needs have been growing in the last decade. Crises, war and natural disasters have induced dramatic population migrations: in 2018, more than 68 million people were forcibly displaced according to the UNHCR.

At the same time, the multiplicity of territories and crises has cast doubt on the standardization of answers to these situations and thus requires greater reactivity on behalf of NGOs.

Available resources must be accessible in order to rapidly tackle humanitarian disasters and help the victim populations.

Support Première Urgence Internationale is a commitment in a concrete partnership, which conveys a meaning and differentiation, in favour of millions of people each year.

How to join us?

There are different ways to support Première Urgence Internationale:

  • Financial support
  • Co-branding operations
  • Skills-based donation & in-kind donation
  • Use the services offered by our partner companies, and support Première Urgence Internationale without any additional cost for your company: See our video

How does your company benefit from the partnership?

A partnership with Première Urgence Internationale is an opportunity for you to concretely communicate with your team, your consumers and partners on your values and on your commitment to solidarity. You work to enhance your commitment as a corporate citizen. You will contribute to increase internal mobilization and cohesion among your team.

Première Urgence Internationale regularly communicates on its projects and its partners at the international level: with international institutions, donors, and through events open to the general public.

U.S.-based donors can make tax deductible contributions to the Friends of Première Urgence Internationale through its fund at the King Baudouin Foundation United States (KBFUS). Because KBFUS is a public charity, within the meaning of Sections 501(c)3 and 509(a)1 of the IRC, donors may claim the maximum tax benefits allowed by U.S. tax law for their contributions.

Let’s define a partnership that resembles us together.

To contact the Partnerships department, please call 01 55 66 99 66 / or email us at [email protected].

Our existing private partners

Private partners commit themselves on a daily basis to help us ensure our missions and to help victim populations in humanitarian crisis to regain their autonomy and dignity. To learn more about our private partners, please refers to our corporate & foundation partner page.

Testimonies our private partners


Philippe FOLLIASSON, General Delegate of Aquassistance

The partnership between Aquassistance and Première Urgence Internationale is focused on access to water and sanitation. In the framework of projects aiming to improve access to water and sanitation, we are two complementary actors. Première Urgence Internationale is considered as a “legitimate organization” due to its long experience in the

field. Aquassistance can provide its expertise from the private sector, with its large network of volunteers, willing to share their knowledge. To intervene, we need to rely on local teams, able to ensure the follow-up in the long term. For these reasons, Aquassistance identifies Première Urgence Internationale as an essential partner in the field for effectively helping the vulnerable populations.
Our partnership was official in June 2017 even though we had previously the occasion to work together. In 2015 for instance, we joined forces on a project to improve the management system of wastewater and storm water in the refugee camp of Bardarash, Iraqi Kurdistan. In 2017, we had a remote collaboration and gave technical advices on deep drilling in the North of Lebanon.
Our volunteers are ready to support emergency projects carried by Premiere Urgence Internationale emergency team. Amongst others, we have mobilized water purification units to enforce the resources already deployed.



Valérie FAILLAT, General Delagate of the Foundation

Since its creation in 2010, the Sanofi Espoir Foundation provides financial support to Première Urgence Internationale. In Myanmar, Haiti or Iraq, we work with the association to implement prevention, health care and emergency support programmes for the most vulnerable populations. We have joined forces with Premiere Urgence Internationale

to develop maternal and child heath in Libya, for example. In Benghazi and its surrounding, we delivered psychosocial support to 20,000 displaced people affected by the conflict.
As the fight against poverty and illness is our priority, we decided to partner with Première Urgence Internationale which is recognized in its countries of intervention for the quality of its work, by the local health facilities and people that are supported.
Our partnership goes further than a sponsorship. It is built around exchanges of expertise and in a joint effort, it aims to implement sustainable health systems and a possible access to quality health care for everyone.


Patrice PAOLI

Patrice PAOLI, Head of the Crisis and Support Centre (CDCS)

The Crisis and Support Center (French Ministry of Foreign Affairs) has supported 13 projects led by Première Urgence Internationale in 2017. It is our second partner of the year in terms of financial size. Implemented in Iraq, Libya, Yemen and the Palestinian territories, these projects were equally about humanitarian assistance and stabilization.

In Africa, the projects were located in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Central African Republic (CAR), Nigeria, Mali and South Soudan. In addition to the usual sectors (health, food assistance and psychosocial assistance) the stabilization unit of the CDCS has also supported an economic recovery project in Central Africa.
Our priority areas depend on the level of emergency and the development of crises in the field. Most of our efforts were obviously directed towards Iraq and Syria, but also towards the Sahelian region, where famine remains a major concern. Similarly, our actions were conducted in DRC and CAR. Première Urgence Internationale has a broad range of expertise, as well as strong local roots in these areas. Moreover, Première Urgence Internationale is a long-standing partner and we have built a trust-based relationship throughout the years. It is a critical asset for a fast and effective response.

How your donations are used?

Stats Each year, Première Urgence Internationale allocates most of its resources to the programs and activities and only 0.2% to fundraising. Your donations are crucial.

Take control of your destiny

Your donations ensure our freedom of action. They allow us to provide support to those affected by crises that have been forgotten by the media and institutional sponsors. It means that the decisions of how to use all of the donations collected are taken by the organisation. It gives us the freedom to act and to increase our responsiveness.
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