Humanitarian context

Since April 2014, Eastern Ukraine has been beset by political and military armed conflict, opposing pro-European Ukrainians and pro-Russian separatists in the self-declared Republic of Crimea, Donetsk and Lugansk. The fights persist in spite of the signing of the agreement of Minsk II in February, 2015 establishing a cease-fire in the regions of Lugansk and Donetsk. More than 1, 7 million people have to move since the beginning of 2016.

The access to primary needs became a permanent challenge for these populations. In February, 2017, new confrontations in Avdiivka caused the death of more than thirty people, including civils.

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Description of the mission

Première Urgence Internationale has intervened in Ukraine since 2015 in order to answer the primary needs of the populations affected by the conflict. The cities of Kostiantynivka (under governmental control) and Horlivka (under the control of the separatists) benefited from no humanitarian aid until the arrival of the mission.

The teams lead activities in health, food, water, hygiene and sanitation.

Premiere Urgence Internationale in action

Première Urgence Internationale’s main aim is to restore and then to improve the quality of health services for the most vulnerable population. The mission strives to improve the health installation that have already been set up by contributing with new equipment and absolutely essential medical reserves.

The NGO allows the access to free medicine thanks to a system of exchange voucher. The food safety, the needs in water, hygiene and sanitation as well as the rehabilitation of infrastructures are also a priority of the Ukraine mission. In a daily concern of equity and neutrality, the teams have made sure that the humanitarian aid is assured on both sides of the conflict zone since the beginning of their intervention.

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