Humanitarian context

After more than 40 years of prolonged conflict, Afghanistan remains one of the most complex humanitarian crisis and is characterized by chronical and urgent needs: 9% of the population live below the poverty line. 10 million people have limited or no access to primary health care and 1.9 million face severe food insecurity.

This conflict has caused constant insecurity and mass displacement in Afghanistan and to neighboring countries. In 2017, the conflict had dramatic consequences on the local population with the displacement of 360,000 persons and 8,019 civil loss, of which two third were women and children. The needs in psychological support have then considerably increased.

Recurrent natural disasters continue to weaken the healthcare system. The humanitarian and sanitarian situation is extremely concerning. Humanitarian actions are needed to support the most vulnerable population.

Sources: Humanitarian Needs Overview (2018)

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Description of the mission

Historical mission of Première Urgence Internationale, our teams continue their support in Afghanistan since 1979 and focus nowadays mainly on border regions of Pakistan, which is facing an important rate of displaced population. Première Urgence Internationale is taking action in the Kunar and Nangarhar provinces in order to respond to the emergency and contribute to the improvement of medical services.

More recently, Première Urgence Internationale has taken part in cash transfer assistance, opting for an integrated approach with internal displaced persons, refugees and host communities, as well as upturned people in Pakistan. Teams are focusing their attention on isolated and remote areas in order to bring vital support to population that are the most affected by this conflict or by natural disasters.

Premiere Urgence Internationale in action

Première Urgence Internationale’s intervention provides access to primary care through the reinforcement of health facilities (from health post to provincial hospital) including mobile clinics to respond to vital needs of population in secluded areas that are hard to reach. Thanks to ECHO’s support, teams can also provide a psychological support to the population and are taking in charge war-wounded people.

At the heart of the humanitarian response of Première Urgence Internationale in Afghanistan, the integrated approach brings an emergency support to the beneficiaries in different domains such as health, nutrition and security. The NGO also develops actions to improve the resilience of communities in collaboration and coordination with other humanitarian partners.

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La Banque Mondiale
Programme Alimentaire Mondial
Organisation Mondiale de la Santé
Ministère de la Santé Publique du gouvernement afghan

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