Humanitarian context

In 2016, one million Syrians took refuge in Lebanon (source: OCHA). The Lebanese population has grown up to 25% since the beginning of the Syrian crisis. The country also hosts 400 000 Palestinian refugees on its territory. This influx of population stresses a major pressure on Lebanese facilities already weakened by a long-lasting political crisis.

The country is confronted to an institutional blockade. The security situation of Lebanon remains critical because of the growing presence of armed groups.

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Description of the mission

Première Urgence Internationale has had a presence in Lebanon since 1996. The NGO mobilizes to bring a support to local populations and to address the refugees’ needs. The mission brought an emergency support to populations affected in domains such as health, water, hygiene and sanitation and food supply.

The NGO has developed an integrated and regional approach in order to bring an emergency aid to the populations affected by this long-lasting humanitarian crisis with a large panel of activities since 2012. The mission is currently leading activities in Beirut, in Mount Lebanon and in the districts of Saida and Jezzine. Première Urgence Internationale also intervenes in the Akkar, one of the most under-developed districts of the country and one of the main host area for Syrian families.

Premiere Urgence Internationale in action

First of all, Première Urgence Internationale intervenes in the health sector. The NGO deploys mobile clinics in order to address people’s needs in psychosocial aid, distributes medicines and organizes health and hygiene education sessions.

The mission also contributes to health security of host and refugees population by distributing electronic cards to beneficiaries who stuck up then with partner businesses. The NGO leads activities in education via staff trainings and the distribution of school equipment but also in water, hygiene and sanitation as well as in food security.


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