Humanitarian context

For more than two decades, Myanmar/Burma has been ravaged by conflicts between the opposing government forces and ethnic armed groups, leading to the displacement of almost two million people. Today, Myanmar is one of the poorest countries in the world. Ethnic minorities and displaced people are particularly affected by a lack of access to essential services.

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Description of the mission

Since 2012, a programme based on reproductive health has been implemented in the region of Tanintharyi, with the aim of setting up a community health network. Première Urgence Internationale is carrying out this project with the help of auxiliary midwives and local public health services. In the Kayin State in the south of the country, a project with two aims was launched in the same year: one to donate medical items to health facilities, the other to carry out first aid training in the volunteering camps.
Première Urgence Internationale also launched a project in 2013 in the district of Kawkareik, which focuses on the health of mothers, new born and children.

Premiere Urgence Internationale in action

Première Urgence Internationale is concentrating its work on the most vulnerable groups of the population of the south ofYangon, the Kayin State and the Tanintharyi Region, by working on the situation to improve living conditions in the long term for host populations and to prepare the displaced people to return home. The NGO is working towards the improvement of access to health care, with particular attention to the fight against HIV/AIDS, reproductive health and mother and child healthcare. In all these areas, medical workers’ capabilities have been strengthened through training and the implementation of an innovative mobile health project, allowing midwives to have access to a mobile phone to help with diagnosis. The teams have also developed water and sanitation programmes.

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