West Bank: Distribution of “COVID-19 Super Warriors” kits to 2,250 families

Ramallah, 9th of November, 2020 – In this unprecedented time of global pandemic, we all want to protect ourselves and our children, and we all have the right to live in a safe environment, in dignity, exercising our universal and unalienable right to healthcare. In the occupied Palestinian territory, risk and concerns remain very high, and these basic rights are not upheld at the moment. Three organisations: The Danish House in Palestine, Tamer Institute for Community Education and Premiere Urgence Internationale join efforts to help families and support safe and healthy communities.

© The Danish House in Palestine – October 2020

In Palestine, children need age appro­priate COVID-19 awareness-raising messages. Families living in Gaza, Area C and other vulnerable areas of the West Bank are particularly facing challenges in accessing accurate and adequate health information about Covid-19, putting them at great risk of virus infection with nowhere safe to live.

To respond to this challenge, The Danish House in Palestine, Tamer Institute and Premiere Urgence Internationale together launched the COVID-19 Super Warriors project addressing children and their families aiming at raising awareness and sharing accurate information about the virus and how to protect themselves, at household and community level.

The three partners will be distributing 2,250 child and family-friendly kits to families with children from 6 years+.

Including interactive family activities

These kits include:

  • Child-friendly family hygiene kits
  • a set of children and young-adult stories,
  • interactive family board game and family activities,
  • a colouring book and awareness graphics.

The materials help enhancing the wellbeing of children and their families and teach them ways to keep in good health (both physical and mental) and away from the virus. The set of activities encourage children and their families to express their feelings, emotion and ideas and share them together, while inviting children to join the COVID-19 team of superheroes who are presented in the materials.

Following the distribution, the teams organise post-monitoring visits to families to evaluate and collect their feedbacks on the project. “This partnership is innovative and provide a comprehensive response to the most isolated families, in several sectors where they’d need support: water and sanitation hygiene, health promotion, psychosocial support” Sahar, program officer at the Danish House in Palestine, highlights.

You can already follow the start of the activities with photos and videos on the Facebook page Occupied Palestinian Territory.


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  • Première Urgence Internationale in the oPt : Anthony DUTEMPLE ; [email protected]
  • More information about the work of Première Urgence Internationale: Marie COURVASIER ; [email protected]

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