Press Statement : Emergency Ukraine We call on the parties to the conflict to respect the protection of civilians and humanitarian space

Since the outbreak of the Russian military operation on the night of February 24, 44 million people are now directly impacted by the war in Ukraine.

Since 2014, the population living in the Donbass on both sides of the Line of Contact – separating the areas controlled by the Ukrainian government from the areas administered by the de facto authorities – has paid a heavy price for a war that has given them no respite despite successive ceasefire declarations and numerous diplomatic attempts.

In just a few hours, the conflict has spread to the entire country, and threatens to cause a dramatic situation on the humanitarian level.

Première Urgence Internationale has been intervening since 2015 in Eastern Ukraine to bring relief to the population, through emergency health programs and access to primary health care, access to water and sanitation as well as psychosocial and mental health support.

Our teams are preparing to scale up the emergency response in the Donetsk region and strengthen its coordination to assess needs throughout the country, including on the borders with Ukraine.

Access to essential services is going to be an issue very quickly. There is already a problem with fuel supplies and cash withdrawals in some areas.

We fear that the fighting will intensify, especially at night, which could cause panic among the population.

As a humanitarian organization, we call on all parties to the conflict to respect the full protection of civilians and to guarantee unhindered and unconditional access to humanitarian assistance.

As long as the safety of its personnel is ensured, Première Urgence Internationale will continue its operations to help the civilian victims of the conflict.




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