[Press release] – Gaza: We must act fast!

Since October 7, 2023, attacks between Israel and the Gaza Strip have continued unabated. The number of civilian casualties continues to rise daily, and the humanitarian situation is becoming increasingly critical for over 2 million people. Talks to open the Rafah crossing are taking days; meanwhile, more than 2 million people are cut off from the world without water, electricity or food.

The explosion at Gaza’s Al Ahli hospital on October 17 is yet another tragedy, causing further civilian casualties.

Première Urgence Internationale immediately grasped the gravity of the situation and mobilized all its teams to prepare an emergency response.

In Gaza, our teams are living in the same conditions as the displaced families, and have organized themselves to deliver emergency aid as soon as the hostilities cease.

300 families have already been selected to receive immediate assistance, thanks to the reorientation of our activities in the Gaza Strip. This aid will enable these families to meet their immediate food and water needs. Some families have run out of milk for their children, as well as basic foodstuffs to get them through the siege.

In Egypt, a Première Urgence Internationale team was deployed to deliver aid in anticipation of the imminent opening of the Rafah border crossing, thus supporting the teams in Gaza.

In the West Bank, our teams are still carrying out ongoing activities and are also ready to strengthen our emergency response in the event of escalating violence which would create more needs in this part of the occupied territory.


Mobilizing the international community

Première Urgence Internationale has joined forces with nearly 300 other organizations to appeal to the member states of the UN Security Council. The collective is calling for an immediate ceasefire, enabling actors on the ground, such as Première Urgence Internationale, to deliver urgent aid and save lives.

As part of this ceasefire, the coalition calls on all parties to commit unconditionally to:

  1. Facilitate the delivery of vital aid, including food, medical supplies, fuel and the resumption of electricity and Internet to Gaza, as well as the safe passage of humanitarian and medical personnel.
  2. Release all civilian hostages, especially children and the elderly.
  3. To allow humanitarian convoys to reach UN facilities, schools, hospitals and health centers in northern Gaza, and to commit to protecting them, as well as civilians and personnel inside them, at all times.
  4. To rescind the orders issued by the Israeli government urging civilians to leave the northern Gaza Strip.
  5. Authorize the medical evacuation of critically ill patients for urgent treatment.

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Amal HUART, Press Relations Officer

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