[Press release] Gaza: new ultimatum puts more than a million civilians at risk

On the night of October 12/13, the inhabitants of Gaza City and the whole of the northern Gaza Strip received a warning to evacuate to the south. Over a million people now have barely 24 hours to move to an area where their safety is not guaranteed, while air attacks continued throughout the night.

The situation was already critical. 2.3 million people have been without water, electricity and gas for a week. The main hospital still in operation is no longer able to provide services or receive new patients. Since last night’s announcement, the hospital has also had to evacuate its staff and patients: an operation deemed “impossible” by the World Health Organization.

The situation is catastrophic!

Première Urgence Internationale expresses its utmost concern for the safety of the civilian population, including its own staff. The latter, whose homes have been partially or totally destroyed, had to flee with their families during the night and now fear for their health and that of their children, like all the inhabitants of Gaza.

Over the past week, 400,000 people have been forced to flee their homes because of the bombardments. Many families have taken refuge in UNRWA schools, and are once again preparing to move to other localities.

In this catastrophic situation, Première Urgence Internationale renews its call to open a humanitarian corridor, and to protect civilians and humanitarian workers.

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Amal HUART : + 33 7 83 42 57 19 / [email protected]

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