Gaza: a devastating month

Préparation des colis auprès des familles déplacées après un mois dévastateur à Gaza.

One month.

One month since a bloody attack and hostage taking that led to a devastating response.

One month since the imposition of a total blockade depriving the population of the Gaza Strip of water, electricity and gas.

A month since hostilities between Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territory claimed civilian victims every day.

A month that has seen the displacement of nearly 1.4 million Gazans and claimed more than 10,000 lives.

While ensuring the safety of its staff on the ground, Première Urgence Internationale immediately mobilised all its teams to prepare an emergency response.


A humanitarian assistance for Gaza

Since the opening of the Rafah border crossing, Première Urgence Internationale has been able to resume its humanitarian assistance efforts for displaced families, particularly in the governorates of Deir Al Balah, Khan Younis and Rafah.


Food parcels prepared for displaced families in the Gaza Strip, October 2023 – © Première Urgence Internationale

In Gaza, our teams are living in the same conditions as the displaced families. They have organised themselves to deliver emergency aid in the governorates of Khan Younis and Rafah, to meet the basic needs of 300 displaced families (1,600 people). They were also able to provide food parcels and basic necessities to 375 displaced families (2,100 people) in collaboration with the local organization Unlimited Friends Association for Social Development.

Première Urgence Internationale took part in the humanitarian cargo operation organised by the Crisis and Support Centre (CDCS) of the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs by integrating 30 emergency medical trunks, each of which can treat 500 patients (paediatrics, emergency and general medicine).

Première Urgence Internationale’s emergency response team in Egypt is preparing food parcels, basic necessities and drinking water for distribution in the Gaza Strip.

Support our teams now

Your support for our Emergency Fund is essential to increase our capacity to respond to such emergencies. Thanks to your donations, the Première Urgence Internationale teams can contribute to meeting the essential needs of victims of humanitarian disasters with the greatest immediacy.

This fund currently enables our teams at the Rafah border crossing to bring medicines, food, drinking water and emergency shelter to trapped Gazan families.

How your donations are used?

Stats Each year, Première Urgence Internationale allocates most of its resources to the programs and activities and only 0.2% to fundraising. Your donations are crucial.

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Your donations ensure our freedom of action. They allow us to provide support to those affected by crises that have been forgotten by the media and institutional sponsors. It means that the decisions of how to use all of the donations collected are taken by the organisation. It gives us the freedom to act and to increase our responsiveness.
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