Première Urgence Internationale’s corporate & foundation partners demonstrate their commitment to support vulnerable communities, victims of humanitarian crisis. They help bring dignity and hope into the lives of these populations.


Fondation EDF
The EDF Foundation supports the healthcare center of Wassadou and Première Urgence Internationale by installing a solar system to respond to the energy needs of the health care center.


The Sanofi Espoir Foundation is one of our historical partners. They support our activities in several countries every year, from France to Myanmar, Haiti, and Libya.
Lagardère Studios Fondation Adecco Group
Lagardère Studios has supported our emergency missions in Syria and Iraq in 2014. Since 2017, the Adecco Foundation and Premiere Urgence Internationale has developed a collaborative partnership to set up an emergency fund, and to bring support to people as soon as a crisis occurs.
Fondation de France Fondation MACIF
The Fondation de France works with us in Ukraine and France since 2016, to improve access to health services and social integration of the most vulnerable communities. The Macif Foundation has joined forces with Première Urgence Internationale in 2018, to facilitate the social integration of migrants that are living in “social housing”.
Fondation Pierre Fabre
The American Friends of Le Korsa supports Première Urgence Internationale and the health care center of Wassadou in Senegal, to provide an access to health care for the most remote and vulnerable communities. The Pierre Fabre Foundation has worked with Première Urgence Internationale in Senegal, to support the health care center of Wassadou and to strengthen its economic model.
Fondation Abbé Pierre Fondation Olof Palme
Since 2018, the Fondation Abbé Pierre supports our projects aiming at improving access to adequate housing in France and Haiti. In Syria, the Foundation Olof Palme provides financial support to Première Urgence Internationale to build and rehabiliatate schools in conflict affected areas.
 The Fondation Suez supports Première Urgence Internationale’s water, hygiene and sanitation programme, for people affected by years of conflict, in the south of Myanmar. The Aliph Foundation supports Premiere Urgence Internationale’s project for the protection, preservation and promotion of Palestinian cultural heritage in the Gaza Strip.
In France, the Raja Danièle Marcovici Foundation supports our projects of health mediation, psychosocial support and access to sexual and reproductive health services for Romanian speaking women living in slums. In France, the Primonial Foundation supports the actions of Première Urgence Internationale in mental health and psychosocial support for populations in very precarious situations in the Ile-De-France region.
Since 2021, Wafaa has been supporting our actions in health in the Palestinian territory.




Logo Aquassistance Altran
In several countries, Suez engineers help us to provide remote assistance to populations in need, through water, waste and sanitation projects. From 2017 to 2019, Altran employees bring their support to our IT and logistic teams to develop some innovative management toolkits.


Air Liquide Fondation Philanthropia
In 2015, Air Liquide supported Première Urgence Internationale to receive syrian and Iraqi migrants in the departement of Val d’Oise, France. Air Liquide workers joined our team to provide kits with basic items. In 2015, the Philanthropia Foundation supported Première Urgence Internationalein its institutional development, by dans son développement institutionnel notamment en appuyant les actions engagées lors du processus de changement de nom de l’association.



Advans - Growing Together Logo Solidarity AccordHotel
Advans employees have joined forces with Premiere Urgence Internationale by launching a fundraising campaign to support our emergency fund. Solidarity AccorHotel have supporting Première Urgence Internationale in France by inviting its employees to collect some basic goods for migrant families that are living in the slums.


Products share and financial services

logo Gandee logo Goodwings
Thanks to Gandee, individuals and employees can create their own fundraising campaign for Première Urgence Internationale around various events (birthdays, starting pots, year-end gift, etc…). Goodwings is a hotel portal which aims to turn the hotel industry into a driving force for sustainable change. For each of our corporate partners who maked a booking on the Goodwings platform, 50% of commissions were directly given to Première Urgence Internationale.
logo Rox Logo Lyf Pay
Rox was an on-demand transportation service with drivers, for people and employees of the corporation. This transportation service was both ethical (92% of the ride cost is distributed to the drivers) and social (5% of the ride cost was distributed to an NGO selected by the passenger, among the 10 partner NGOs of Rox). Since 2017, Lyf Pay supports Première Urgence Internationale by giving visibility to our NGO on their mobile payment app. Lyf Pay users also have the possibility to donate a gift to Première Urgence Internationale on the app.
Logo Step-In
In 2017, Step In has teamed up with Première Urgence Internationale to create an innovate partnership. Step In users have the possibility to convert their “step points” into gifts for Première Urgence Internationale on the app.




Google Ads
Google provides Première Urgence Internationale some Ad grants, to increase our visibility on the google research engine. For 10 years, Air France and Première Urgence Internationale have developed a robust, multi-faceted relationship by providing travel grants for our field teams and by giving visibility to our organization in their Air France magazines and videos on board.
Logo Capgemini Fondation-Mérieux-logo
In 2018, Cap Gemini has provided Première Urgence Internationale computers, for its migrant reception center in France. The computers are used by our beneficiaries, during the vocational training workshops. In 2016, The Mérieux Foundation has teamed up with Premiere Urgence Internationale in Iraq. Thanks to their support, we have equipped a medical laboratory in the refugee camp in Bardarash.
Logo Tulipe Tidoo
Tulipe is a non-profit organization which collects donations from companies in the health sector, to respond to the urgent needs of vulnerable populations as soon as a crisis strikes. Tulipe distributes a part of its health products to Première Urgence Internationale, for our emergency interventions. In 2018, Tidoo has provided baby diapers for vulnerable refugees living in hostels, supported by Première Urgence Internationale.
Corporama has developed an innovative solution to target partner businesses. Corporama has provided its solution to Première Urgence Internationale in 2015, to target new corporate partners. FEMPO supports Première Urgence Internationale’s interventions in maternal health, sexual and reproductive health. The company donates menstrual panties for our actions in the fight against menstrual insecurity in the world.


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Stats Each year, Première Urgence Internationale allocates most of its resources to the programs and activities and only 0.2% to fundraising. Your donations are crucial.

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Your donations ensure our freedom of action. They allow us to provide support to those affected by crises that have been forgotten by the media and institutional sponsors. It means that the decisions of how to use all of the donations collected are taken by the organisation. It gives us the freedom to act and to increase our responsiveness.
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