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Welcoming refugees: Première Urgence Internationale also operates in France

Present in Syria since the beginning of the country’s civil war, working with victims of the devastating conflict, Première Urgence Internationale took action in Cergy-Pontoise to welcome the first Syrian and Iraqi refugees to arrive in France.

Tarek tells us about his long journey.
The father of three young children, aged 2, 3 and 9, he and his family have been on the road since 2012. They spent three years looking for a safe haven all over Syria, before resigning themselves to exile. After crossing Lebanon, Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, Hungary, Serbia and Germany, their journey has finally come to an end. “All I’m looking for is a good education for my children,” this young anaesthetist’s assistant tells us.

A team composed of a doctor, a nurse and a midwife will perform the task of welcoming these refugees, victims of the Syrian crisis, and in the days to come will continue to perform consultations and give medical treatment to these families, who are traumatised by their exile.

“Première Urgence Internationale sees so many people who have lived through these experiences on a daily basis – in Iraq, Syria, Jordan and Lebanon, where we have been working since the start of the crisis, but also everywhere our path crosses that of these people who are forced by conflict to leave their homes,” says Thierry Mauricet, CEO. “This is currently the case in France, and we will continue to answer to the call as long as there are people here who need our help.”

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