Syrian refugees in Jordan: For recognition, rights and services

In Jordan, Première Urgence Internationale carried out a project in order to help the Syrian refugees to access basic services and increase their freedom of movement.

A lack of documentation

In addition to the difficulties that Syrian refugees have to face on a day-to-day basis, the lack of documentation represents an important challenge which has huge consequences on people’s lives.

Two types of documents are particularly important in the Jordanian context: birth certificates and MoI cards. The lack of birth certificates automatically impedes access to health and education services while the lack of MoI card (which entitles its holders to lawfully stay outside refugee camps) drastically limits the freedom of movement.

To increase their freedom of movement

Première Urgence Internationale carried out a project in consortium with other international actors in order to help people to access basic services and increase their freedom of movement. The project, started on the 1st of October 2017 will end on the 31st of December 2018.

It served approximately 100.000 individuals and the results have positively impacted the beneficiaries. First of all, protection monitoring enabled the identification of high-risk protection cases and a coordinated evidence-based advocacy. Awareness raising activities provided a good understanding of existing procedures for undocumented/unregistered refugees.

Access to protection services

Then, the project enabled refugees with specific documentation needs to improve their access to protection services via referrals, legal assistance, cash transfer and community-based information. Last but not least, vulnerable Syrian refugees and Jordanian households living in urban areas improved their living conditions and safety during the cold winter months and harsh weather conditions.

Here a short video related to the project. Good viewing!

A project implemented with funding from the European Union Humanitarian Aid (ECHO)

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