Syria: advantaging the conditions of success of the students

In Syria, the crisis has durably affected the daily life of populations since six years. The students located outside the areas controlled by the government see their dreams of future disappearing little by little as they cannot take their exams. The teams of Première Urgence Internationale bring their support to provide them the best assistance in this crucial stage.

A professor teaches to a class of students

Exams, a school ritual but mainly a vital step to the future.

“I am very glad to have the chance to take my exams. Despite all the challenges and the circumstances surrounding, I will try to do my best to study and to pass my exams”, explains a student of the Dar Al-Ajazeh’s center with enthusiasm. The young man had to win over many difficulties and to obtain the authorization to join the governmental area of Homs’ Governorate to take his 9th grade exam.

Première Urgence Internationale launched a new program in Homs in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and UNICEF. Its objective: to offer the possibility to young Syrians (some of them have been school dropped out because of the current crisis) to pursue their scholarship. The activities of the mission first consist in bringing a support to the children who come from non-accessible areas by distributing school equipment, hygiene kits and in offering rehearsal sessions. Furthermore, the NGO intervenes in the logistic organization of the exams’ preparation and contributes the improvement of the host conditions. Première Urgence Internationale thus helps students to pass their mandatory exams and to lead them to a brighter future.

The project started in May, 2017 before the national exam of the 9th grade and will continue until the exams of the 12th grade, mid-July, 2017, in order to bring a support to the students who will take their exams of the 9th-12th grades in 2016-2017.

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