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Ukraine: Faces of conflict

Discover the testimonies of civilians caught in a “no war, no peace” situation.

A daily life sometimes punctuated by gunfire and shrapnel

©Sergey Korovayny | Couverture_Ukraine

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Long-form in Gaza, in the West Bank

« Living near the fence » shows the difficulties to live with an imposed blockade.

Gaza: Living near the fence

long-form in Gaza

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Silent War : A forgotten conflict at Europe’s door

This long-form speaks on this war in eastern Ukraine where people have been suffering in silence since 2014.

More about this forgotten conflict in Ukraine

long-form on Silent War

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Long-form in Maiduguri, Nigeria

« At the heart of Maiduguri » presents in a long-form the humanitarian situation in the former Boko Haram’s bastion in Nigeria, which became a city of refuge

At the heart of Maiduguri

long-form in Nigeria

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Long-form from Bangui to Ndele, in Central African Republic

« Back from the Central African Republic » is a story based on the testimony of our photographer about our actions, as the country falls into violence

Back from the Central African Republic 

Long-form in CAR

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Long-form from Iraq

“Ma ville me manque” reached to sense sights and moments of life of families who have had to flee Mosul since 2014.

“Ma ville me manque”

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