Cergy: free medical consultations for migrants

Première Urgence Internationale organized free medical consultations for the migrants welcomed to the former ice rink of Cergy-Préfecture on Wednesday, May 10th. 153 migrants were conveyed there after the evacuation of the street camps of Porte de la Chapelle, on May 9th for shelting.

ree medical consultations for the migrants

The Mission France and the charity workers first collected administrative data on migrants with the assistance of Pashtun and Arabic-speaking interpreters.

“We asked them for their origin country, for their profession, their migratory journey and for their fundamental needs”, explains Aline, member of the organization. “Some of them left their home for several years.” This first administrative stage was the opportunity for the migrants to tell their difficult story.

“In my country, if you speak about the President, you disappear”, confided for instance a refugee.

Once the various data collected, the migrants who wished it could beneficiate from a free medical examination with one of the voluntary doctors.

153 migrants were conveyed there after the evacuation of the street camps of Porte de la Chapelle, on May 9th for shelting.

“Many of them suffer from gastroenteritis-intestinal pathologies, from cutaneous pathologies and from respiratory infections”, explains the doctor. “A patient was transferred to emergencies. Many migrants also present post-traumatic disorders”.

The migrants who felt the need were also able to exchange with the psychologist of the association.

“They all lived traumatizing experiences”, brings back Aurélie, Health referent at Première Urgence Internationale.

Première Urgence Internationale frequently realizes that type of emergency intervention. The NGO already proposed free medical consultations in 2016 in Cergy after the evacuation of Stalingrad camp in Paris, as well as in 2015 in Cergy and in Montmorency during the arrival of Syrian refugees.

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