Yemen – Feasibility Study & Expertise Support development of a Food Security Cash Based Intervention

We are  seeking  an  experience  expert  consultant  to  both  conduct  a  feasability  study  on  CBI  in  our intervention area, assess  the  feasability  and relevance  of switching to  cash or vouchers instead of direct  food  distribution;  and  to  support  PU-AMI  team  in  setting  up  this  new  CBI  Approach.

This study will seek reach the following objectives:

  1. Determine whether or not a CBI for PU-AMI Food Security intervention is relevant, coherent and efficient (food security wise) in Al Mighlaf, Ad Dahi, As Sukhnah, Al Mansouryiah, Bilad Al Tam and/or Al Jabin Districts.
  2. In districts where it will have been assessed as relevant, support PU-AMI Health Facility (HF) and Livelihood Teams in setting up a CBI system to replace the current FB distribution system.

PUI expects the following 3 results from the consultancy:
1) A complete review if the Hodeidah Humanitarian Hub CBIs.
2) CBI feasibilty report.
3) Tailored plan of action / intervention plan based on the feasibility report.

For more information, please look at the complete study description. 

Please send your applications to Claire ALLARD, Money transfer Advisor, at [email protected]


Answer limit date : Closed

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