Resupplying health facilities in Ukraine

In order to improve access to medical care for local and displaced populations affected by the conflict in eastern Ukraine, in November 2015 Première Urgence Internationale teams worked to reinforce health facilities’ monitoring and laboratory analysis capacities.

In particular, health facilities have been equipped with blood glucose metres, electrocardiographs, binocular microscopes, ultrasound scanners, gynaecological supplies, sterilisation kits, centrifuges, nebulisers and medical supplies.

This equipment will serve more than 70,000 citizens in the city of Kostiantynivka and its outskirts, along with 40,000 displaced persons who are officially registered in the zone. Beyond this activity, Première Urgence Internationale is supplying, with the support of the European Commission’s Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection department, free medicines to children under five years and to pregnant and breastfeeding women, in order to improve access to treatment for the most vulnerable individuals.

Première Urgence Internationale has been present in Ukraine, in the government-controlled city of Kostiantynivka and in Horlivka, which is controlled by opposition groups, since February 2015. Alongside its programme to promote access to medical care, the organisation is also aiming to improve food and livelihood security for populations affected by the conflict.

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