In Ukraine, Selydivs’ka Central City Hospital was once again targeted by military strikes

Selydivs’ka Central City Hospital is one of the crucial medical institutions in Pokrovsk district of Donetsk region.

Poland: A Year of Emergency Actions for Refugees coming from Ukraine

From March 1, 2022, at the start of the war, Première Urgence Internationale deployed an emergency team to the border with Ukraine to assess humanitarian needs and plan a response.

In Eastern Ukraine, a medicine voucher program to address health needs

Première Urgence Internationale, with the financial support of the European Union, is setting up activities in Ukraine to meet the health needs of the civilian population. 


The teams of Première Urgence Internationale have been intervening in the Dnipro region for almost…

Ukraine one year on: NGOs call for the protection of civilians, humanitarian access, localisation and durable solutions

The lives of nearly 44 million people in Ukraine have been impacted since the escalation…

Ukraine: our distributions to meet local humanitarian needs nearly ten months after the start of the war.

The Première Urgence Internationale teams continue to respond to the most urgent needs of the civilian populations affected by the war in Ukraine.

Op-ed : A country on its knees

Before the Russian offensive of February 2022, Ukraine was experiencing a forgotten crisis in Europe….

Interview of Lily Hyde, journalist in Ukraine

“25% of the population under the poverty line in Ukraine”.

Lily Hyde is a writer and journalist based in Ukraine. She has written for the Guardian, the Times, POLITICO, the New Humanitarian, Coda Story, and others, and is the author of several books including Dream Land, about the deportation and return of the Crimean Tatars. She has also worked as a communications consultant in public health and development.

Attacks on civilian infrastructures leaving millions people in need must stop now!

Humanitarian organizations condemn continued attacks on civilian infrastructure leaving people in Ukraine without water, electricity…

Ukraine, Dnipro: More than 200 days after the war’s beginning, the situation of the civilian population have not improved

To respond to the needs of the civilian population with health care, mental health and psycho-social support, Première Urgence Internationale is deploying three mobile teams directly to centers housing internally displaced persons in the city and region of Dnipro.

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