To facilitate the response to humanitarian crises, Première Urgence Internationale now has a new stocking area in the biggest logistic base of the world, in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The organisation and deployment of a humanitarian response goes through different steps: from anticipating and monitoring emergencies to taking action, step that requires a significant organization to ease the response.

This said, in order to react more swiftly and efficiently, Première Urgence International, has developed a plan consisting in prepositioning their supports. Amongst these supports, for example, medical emergency and WASH kits are fundamental elements of first response to assure people access to basic care. These kits are standardized and can be easily adapted to the context in which they are distributed.

Première Urgence Internationale continues to develop its devices thanks to various agreements with international organizations. Nowadays, the NGO has a new tool: the storage space in Dubai, the biggest logistic base in the world, made available to UNHRD (The United Nations Humanitarian Response Depot) and managed by WFP.


The city of Dubai has invited the United Nations to install, for free, its logistic bases in the center of an unstable area between the Middle East and Asia, in this transit zone located near places of conflict.

200 sq. M. of warehouse space


The platform includes 3,600 sq. M. of covered storage and of 5,000 sq. m open air storage, with a capacity to receive 400 different types of equipment. Premiere Urgence Internationale has the possibility of positioning his materials in a space of 200 sq. M.

This depot, situated near the international airport premises and in close proximity to the port, gives the possibility to Première Urgence Internationale to easily ship in Africa, Middle East and Asia in just a few hours (24/48h).

Immediate mobilization, cost efficiency, the “One-stop-shop” allows the 81 organizations that take advantage of these services to maximize the response and to do it united.

With the deposit area of Dubai, the organisation wishes to continue to help, in a more efficient way.



Finally, première Urgence Internationale is now a member of Bioport, an association that offers to all no profit structures, national and international, logistic support. With its neuralgic centre in Lyon (St Exupéry airport), its 6000 m3 of equipped warehouse, the ability to manage 350 demands of dispatch and the organization of more than 200 freights, Bioport is a main player in the emergency world.

*Photo: WFP/Lezlie Pableo


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