Nigeria : Kuluma sells charcoal to Bolori 6

Kuluma Kaleh Grema Kaleh also known as Mama Aisha is a mother of 11 kids. She is an Internally Displaced Person form Guzamala and arrived in Bolori 6 two years ago.
She recalled when she integrated the assistance component of the program of Première Urgence Internationale: “Few days after we arrived in Bolori 6, my family was selected by Première Urgence Internationale as beneficiaries along with other displaced families from Guzamala. We were then provided monthly cash to buy food and pay for other family expenses.”

Maiduguri, North-East of Nigeria, is a city of refuge for millions of internally displaced people, who have massively fled the ongoing conflict and violence caused by Boko Haram. Première Urgence Internationale is present in this city since 2016, and provides healthcare services, nutritional monitoring and food assistance to the populations.

Mama Aisha explained that the money allows her to support the family for the rent as well as for general food commodities: “My husband is a daily worker and his income is unstable and insufficient to cover our expenses. Rent alone costs us 50,000 NGN a year for a 2 bedrooms house without electricity and water. Before Première Urgence Internationale support, I had to send out three of my kids to beg. With the support of Première Urgence Internationale, I have enrolled all my kids to school.”

Mama Aisha benefited from income-generating activities set up by Première Urgence Internationale

She has been selected to be supported by Première Urgence Internationale specific component to help households to launch small businesses and enhance independency: “When Première Urgence Internationale informed me that I was selected for Income Generating Activities, I chose to sell different food commodities, charcoal and other items of daily use. With the cash I got from Première Urgence Internationale, I purchase the items at the main market and resell them here. I also bought a poultry cage and some chickens for my son. I am grateful for the cash I got to start my business, now I am able to save between 200-300 NGN daily after contributing to the family expenses. I have opened a bank account and intend to increase the quantities of the items I am selling. I plan also to sell more charcoal.”

This project is supported by Food for Peace.

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