Humanitarian context

Mali has been facing a political and security crisis since the beginning of 2012, mixing territorial challenges in the North, economic interest and terrorist issues. The persistent presence of armed groups of opposition and of radical Islamists makes difficult the proper functioning of basic services. Finally, food insecurity currently affects more than a Malian on five (source: OCHA).

The year 2016 was marked by the outbreak of tensions and violence in the Kidal region. Community conflicts and terrorist attacks have intensified since the beninning of the year.

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Description of the mission

In 2002, Première Urgence Internationale set up a production of infantile flour unit and so offered the possibility of practicing a generative activity of income in a region where the economic opportunities were very limited.

Since 2013, the NGO has been intervening in the region of Gao through activities aiming at the improvement of the coverage of the primary health care of the population.

In 2015 the NGO also opened a new base in Kidal and deployed mobile clinics in rural areas. Water, hygiene and sanitation activities were also launched in 2016 in the circle of Ansongo.

Premiere Urgence Internationale in action

In Kidal, the launching of mobile clinics enables to bring health care to the nomadic populations isolated in the semi desert areas of North Mali.

The teams also insure the evacuations of the patients who need it towards 8 health centers. In order to resolve the multi-sectorial humanitarian crisis that has been striking the region for many years, a multi-sectorial approach has been launched, a Première Urgence Internationale’s specificity which allows to address the multiple needs of the population. The NGO thus contributes to reduce the mortality of the population. Première Urgence Internationale also leads activities to relaunch the agricultural production to durably support the populations affected by multiple crises.

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