Lebanon – Technical assistance for the monitoring of the Flat Fee Model

Starting date : As soon as possible

Location: Beirut, Lebanon



PUI has been working in Lebanon since 1996 and currently leads activities in BML, South, Akkar and North governorates. Since March 2012, PUI has developed a regional approach in response to the populations affected by the Syrian crisis implementing multi-sectoral humanitarian-development resilience-orientated programs across Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Jordan with the support of several donors, including AFD, the UN, EU and USG agencies such as BPRM or OFDA. Driven by the need in Lebanon to deliver aid to Syrian Refugees while also strengthening the host health care system PUI developed the Flat Fee Model (FFM) under the project Reducing Economic Barriers to Accessing Health Services in Lebanon (REBAHS). Since 2018, in consortium with International Medical Corps (IMC) and funded by the EU trust fund MADAD, PUI has been supporting 20 Primary Health Care Centers (PHCCs) across Lebanon through the FFM, allowing the provision of  363,571 consultations to vulnerable populations. In parallel to this PUI has been using its 30 years of multisectorial expertise to develop fully integrated programming. Thanks to its extensive experience in supporting PHCCs, and based on context evolutions, PUI has continuously enhanced its intervention logic to better address the health and protection needs of the health rights holders (or “patients”) and their communities.  Finally, PUI is currently working on prevention and response to the COVID-19 pandemic and is supporting the MoPH response plan through the support and management of isolation centers in north Lebanon, all of which has fed in to the consortiums integrating health security elements in its Health System Strengthening Actions.

PUI has just started the 3rd year of intervention of “Reducing Economic Barriers to Accessing Health Services” (REBAHS) in Lebanon a consortium with IMC (21 PHCCs for PUI and 40 PHCCs for IMC)

In this context, PUI is looking for technical expertise to monitor, evaluate and enhance the currently being implemented “Flat Fee Model”.


To assess and identify best practices, challenges, lessons, knowledge and experiences of applying the FFM. It will aim to identify the potential influence and interaction between the FFM and other PUI and partner activities.  Primarily, it should make clear and practical recommendations to inform the implementation and development of the FFM in an ever-changing context

For more information, please refer to the terms of reference


Interested candidates should submit in English:

-A technical offer with:

  • Understanding of the Terms of Reference (ToR): development of key points and formulation of key questions, which the offer proposes to respond to
  • The methodology and tools proposed for the evaluation
  • The timetable showing the details for the completion of each of the evaluation phases. The proposed schedule should include time for briefing and debriefing on the mission and as much as possible at the headquarters.

-A financial offer including a budget with detailed sections (fees, other costs)

-An updated CV

-An example of similar consultancies


Consultants should send all of this documentation in electronic format to following email address: [email protected]

The deadline for the submission of applications will be the 24th July 2020

The approximative date for communication to selected applicant will be 31st July 2020

Answer limit date : Closed

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