INTIQAL 2030 : Protection, preservation and promotion of Gaza Strip historical archaelogical sites

Assessment vis-a-vis SDGs with Actionable Recommendations

INTIQAL 2030 is a Youth-led initiative supported by Première Urgence Internationale, an innovative socio-economic development program that leverages on the protection of Cultural Heritage involving communities and local civil society stakeholders, encouraging their interaction on two archaeological sites in the Gaza Strip. The program creates and runs a safe space in which girls, boys, young people and families engage in concrete actions and express their fears and hopes in a protective environment while developing their resilience following violent or traumatic experiences.

This project, funded by the British Council, has been implemented by Première Urgence Internationale in partnership with the French Archeological School of Jerusalem (EBAF), the University of Palestine and the Islamic University of Gaza, in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities (MoTA).

INTIQAL 2030 provides opportunities for Youth to be a positive force for development, engaging them in supporting and achieving comprehensive socio-economic development for their community, and to help accelerate the implementation of  Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) approved by the United Nations.

Première Urgence Internationale has commissioned the attached report to evaluate its current activities and to analyze how the INTIQAL 2030 program can better contribute to the SDGs. Our approach is to learn from our work and disseminate the lessons of successful strategies and failed tactics alike to improve our capacity to safeguard places of greatest significance for Palestinian communities that turn to them for affirmation, solace, and the promise of cultural resilience.

©Première Urgence Internationale | Two trainees worked during one week on finalizing the restored walls in the corridor of the monk’s living quarters, 2019.

Première Urgence Internationale supports the ICOMOS Policy Guidance (March 2021) designed to raise awareness on the issues and potentials of the heritage-sustainability relationship, and to provide guidance for all on ways to unlock that potential.

SDG 5.  Gender Equality.  “Cultural Heritage Preservation Opens Doors for Palestinian Women in the Gaza Strip” 

Women in Gaza comprise less than 15% of the  local  work  force,  which  is  already suffering  from  a  50%  unemployment  rate; one of the highest in the world. The  rate  of  unemployment among  young  women  (15-29) is  particularly  stark,  reaching 92%, compared to 63.2% unemployment  among men in the same  age  group. In Gaza, it is extremely difficult for women to find work to support themselves and their families.

Archaeology graduates during their practical training at Saint Hilarion Monastery, 2019©Première Urgence Internationale | Archaeology graduates during their practical training at Saint Hilarion Monastery, 2019.

Women generating supplementary income have strengthened their position in their families. Becoming  involved  in income-generating  activities  helped  women be understood and get affirmation within their communities  as  the  capable,  talented  and resourceful individuals that they are. “Yes, I feel empowered.  For me, this means that I can finish my university studies because now I can pay for them. Working on the site not only allowed me to apply what I have studies so far, but also to earn a living from it. I can take  my  decisions  now”,  says  a  female student  and  now  skilled  worker  in  the program.

Beyond its cultural and historical positive impact, the INTIQAL 2030 program champions other socio-economic development objectives. These currently include innovative activities aiming at achieving economic and energy independence, and bringing new sustainable solutions which will benefit and empower Gazans and their community in the long term.

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