In Eastern Ukraine, a medicine voucher program to address health needs

Première Urgence Internationale, with the financial support of the European Union, is setting up activities in Ukraine to meet the health needs of the civilian population. 

bons d’achat de médicaments en Ukraine

In recent weeks, Première Urgence Internationale has launched its first pilot program for drug vouchers in the Dnipro region. The aim of this activity is to ensure that the civilians most affected by the war have access to medicines.  Indeed, although some localities have functional health facilities, the lack of medicines is one of the most serious problems reported by the communities, and their cost is the main obstacle to accessing medicines. 

This voucher activity targets women (63%), children under 12 (30%), older persons, people with disabilities, and internally displaced people. These groups are particularly vulnerable in the current war context. 

“The government has its own program, but it does not cover all medicines, scpecially certain  chronic diseases, heart disease, diabetes or , high blood pressure medicines. So, for many people facing financial difficulties, being able to pay for these medicines on a monthly basis is a major obstacle,” explains Ameer, Health coordinator for the mission. 

The voucher program is based on collaboration with health facilities and private community pharmacies, which are selected based on their location and ability to purchase the medicines. Currently, the program operates in the Novomoskovsk municipal primary health care centre in the Dnipro region with two pharmacies. About 600 people will receive vouchers during this first phase. This activity will then be implemented in other areas following the needs of the civilians.

This project has been made possible thanks to the financial support of the European Union.

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