Afghanistan: Drops of Change – How access to safe water is making a difference in women’s life.

“I remember the day I opened the tap in my garden […]. From that day on, I no longer had to beg my neighbour for water or worry about how to ration water for my family. That mental pressure was suddenly gone.”

Myanmar: A Mobile Clinic Brings Hope to Families of Children with Congenital Disabilities.

Due to the economic crisis and political instability, people living in hard-to-reach areas affected by the conflict in Hlaing Bwe township, Kayin State, have been unable to access essential and quality healthcare services. In this context, Première Urgence Internationale has set up a mobile clinic to provide primary healthcare.

Première Urgence Internationale strongly condemns the decision to ban women from working for NGOs in Afghanistan

Kabul, 27/12/22 : Première Urgence Internationale is appalled by the recent decision of the authorities of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan to ban women from working for national and international aid organizations. 

Yemen: humanitarian organizations urge all parties to the conflict to extend the truce

Ahead of the end of the current UN-led truce agreement on 2 August 2022, humanitarian organisations in Yemen urge all parties to the conflict to adhere to and extend the agreement to protect civilians across the country and allow them to rebuild and recover their lives.

Earthquake in Afghanistan: Première Urgence Internationale dispatches rapid assistance to Afghans

More than a thousand people died and nearly 3,000 were injured in Afghanistan after the earthquake that struck the south-east of the country on Wednesday 22 June. Here is a look back at Première Urgence Internationale’s intervention on the ground.

‟I wanted to go to Afghanistan”

Manasi is a 31 years old women working for Première Urgence Internationale as Deputy Field Coordinator dedicated to Programs for the Afghanistan mission. During a conversation she had with Jeanne HUTIN, HR Officer based at the headquarters of the organization, she explained how this experience in Afghanistan has been meaningful both personally and professionally.

Consultant for a study about Food security and Livelihood need assessment in Kawkereik and Hlaing Bwe townships of Kayin, Myanmar

Première Urgence Internationale is looking for a Consultant to prepare a comprehensive PUI sustainable livelihood strategy (including food security) in the state of Kayin.

Tender for awarding a framework contract of Cash Transfer Programming, Financial Service Provider, Programme Management System

Première Urgence Internationale (PUI) is looking for a Tenderer for a framework contract of Cash Transfer Programming, Financial Service Provider, Programme Management System, in order to develop PUI’s CVA though the use of secured platforms and payment mechanisms.

Formative research Consultant – Myanmar – Kayin

Première Urgence Internationale is looking for a Formative research Consultant to understand current hygiene practices in targeted townships of Kawkereik and Hpa An.

Humanitarian: the determination to act from the field

Charlotte Gout has been working at Première Urgence Internationale for six years. It was the desire to go out to the field that attracted her and motivated her to join our teams. She started as an intern in 2015 at the NGO’s headquarters and then left for Chad as a Field Coordination Assistant. One thing leading to another, her journey took her to Nigeria, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and finally Afghanistan. She shares her story.

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