Democratic People’s Republic of Korea – Goat breeding and milk processing equipment


Permière Urgence Internationale is one of the 6 NGOS which have been authorized to lead humanitarian and developing programs in North Korea under the cover of the European Commission. The NGO has been in attendance in the country since 2002. It first intervened in the health sector. Since 2007, the association has focalized its intervention on food security and nutrition.

Première Urgence Internationale mainly leads actions in the province of South Hwanghae, called “the bread basket”. The association has focused its interventions on food productions for children (dairy products, vegetables, bread…) in order to contribute to diversify their alimentation since 2012. A second project of for the promotion of goat farming and of goat’s milk was launched in October 2016.

Title of project

« To improve children’s nutritional status and households’ resilience, through the reinforcement of goat rearing practices in South Hwanghae Province, DPRK »


The EUPS Unit 1 launches a Call for tender for the contract award of goat breeding and milk processing equipment as described below:

This tender, as a part of the above mentioned humanitarian projects, is being financed by EuropeAid.

Please click here to find the complete consultancy description


Application procedures

The documentation for participation can be withdrawn during the opening hours of the office, i.e. Monday through Friday and from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm, to the following address:

EUPS-Unit 1


Diplomatic Compound, Flat 4-15

Pyongyang, DPRK

The requests for the documents in electronic version and/or any additional information can be sent to:

Simon GONTARD, Project Manager – EUPS-Unit 1

[email protected]

Answer limit date : Closed

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