Call for Tender – Health projects in all Afghanistan mission – Health items – Afghanistan

Afghanistan, May 25th 2023, Multidonor


The aim of Première Urgence – Aide Medicale internationale (PU-AMI) is to provide a comprehensive response to all the basic needs of populations affected by humanitarian crisis, from emergency until recovery of autonomy. PU-AMI’s strategy is based on an integrated approach when defining projects with various medical and non-medical expertise. PUI’s action is developed in partnership with the local communities, the authorities and the civil society.

PU-AMI is present since PU-AMI is present since 1979 in Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and realizes programs of:

 Health support

For more information, please refer to the :

The applications have to include the following documents, duly completed, stamped and signed:

– The tender participation file;
– Annex A: Submission form;
– Annex B: Model of financial offer or equivalent proposed by the bidder;
– Annex C: Model of bid guaranty;
– Annex D: Model of financial identification;
– Annex E: Production capacity (optional);
– Annex F: Competitive criteria (optional);
– Annex G: List of additional documents (optional).
The additional documents to be listed in the Annex G must imperatively include:
– Legal authorization for commercial activities in the country of the Company, delivered
by the relevant ministry;
– Certificate of tax situation of previous year;
– Copy of identity card of legal representative.
IMPORTANT: Before completing the tender participation, file and collecting the requested documents, the candidate must ensure it will not match the criteria of ineligibility and exclusion, otherwise he will be eliminated.


In order to register your application, you have to imperatively submit the documentation before 2nd Jul 2023 to 4.00
pm Kabul time, to the following Email address:
[email protected]
The documents in electronic version (scanned) can only to:
[email protected]

Please on put the reference to the tender in the email Subject:
AFG/Mission/23/Health items /005

Answer limit date : Closed

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