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Humanitarian context

North Korea is regularly affected by chronic food shortages due to an archaic farming system and recurring natural disasters. In a country with a total population of 24.6 million people, it is estimated that 18 million people are food insecure.
The country is suffering from a permanent food crisis: for example, the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO) estimates that only two thirds of the population’s food needs are currently being met.

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Description of the mission

Première Urgence Internationale has had a presence in North Korea since 2002 as one of the six non-governmental organisations authorised to lead humanitarian and development programmes within the country. Between 2002 and 2006, the NGO Implemeted its first health programme. In2007, the NGO joined a food security project in the country, whilst continuing its medicalwork. In the province of South Hwanghae, our teams are working primarily on improving local health facilities. They are also carefully following the food situation within the province to respond as quickly as possible in the most suitable way in the case of a famine.

Premiere Urgence Internationale in action

Première Urgence Internationale is contributing towards improving the quality of health services for rural populations in the province of South Hwanghae, particularly through the construction of four clinics, providing equipment for these clinics, and improving the skills of the medical staff working in these infrastructures.
In 2016, Première Urgence Internationale has planned to continue its partnership with the European Union and the French government with the aim of maintaining and building a good relationship with North Korea. Additionally, the North Korean team will strengthen work in the province of South Hwanghae by integrating a multi-sector approach, proposing different activities in the areas of farming, sanitation, the environment and health. These activities should considerably improve the living conditions of populations affected in this province.

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