HR policy

RH Policy


Women and men have been involved with Première Urgence Internationale for nearly 40 years. They possess both precise technical skills in their core profession, and very strong interdisciplinary skills. This includes inter-personal skills in particular. For more information, see our Jobs section.

The quality and fulfilment of our teams are the strongest guarantees for the success of the projects we carry out with people in need.


Retaining our personnel is one of our major goals. Our employees become more efficient with each new assignment. In fact they become more and more familiar with the workings of the organisation, and its tools. We have a team of human resources professionals at your disposal. They support you throughout your journey, from the recruitment phase and at every stage of our collaboration. They evaluate with you your potential, your wishes and your needs, achieving a fruitful collaboration.


Our Human Resources managers work with you to tailor the first assignment, based on your skills and previous experience. They then offer you a variety of directions during your career. For more information, visit our Mobility section.

During a mission, a regular HR monitoring process is set up between you and your HR manager. It offers the opportunity for various discussions around the completion of the current mission as well as future plans.

These regular reviews offer a space for discussion to analyse everyday events, but also to get away from them! Every time, there is the opportunity to make an assessment of how the post is going, the achievements and the difficulties encountered.