Cameroon: diseases are declining

In November 2022, a number of villages in the Logone-et-Chari department in the Extreme North of Cameroon were continuously attacked by non-governmental armed groups. These incursions have led to the displacement of populations to neighbouring districts, with consequences for the health of all.

construction de latrines d'urgence au Cameroun par Première Urgence Internationale

Building community latrines in Makary

Sossol Ramat, a community leader in central Makary, has seen his community grow exponentially as a result of the attacks in Katikimé village. “About 280 families arrived from Katikimé after the attacks. Some settled in a site on the outskirts of the village, others were taken in by families from here. The increase in the size of the population has put pressure on the already minimal water resources and the lack of latrines on the site has encouraged the widespread practice of open defecation. The first cases of cholera and other diarrhoeal diseases were quickly reported at the Makary health centre. The situation was disastrous; faecal matter was seen everywhere in the countryside.

Première Urgence Internationale quickly mobilised as part of the Rapid Response Mechanism (RRM), with the construction of 15 emergency latrines blocks for nearly 1,500 people on the site. A maintenance committee for the emergency latrines was also set up to ensure their sustainability, and the community relays organised multiple awareness-raising sessions on hygiene rules. Habits have quickly changed and diseases are already decreasing.

“When we saw that we were going to have latrines, we were very touched. Open defecation has had harmful consequences for the health of the camp’s displaced people, both children and adults. We thank Première Urgence Internationale for the latrines and for the rapid intervention,” adds Sossol Ramat.

emergency latrine in Cameroon by Première Urgence Internationale

These activities are implemented in consortium with Action Against Hunger with the support of the European Union and USAID/BHA in the Extreme North region.

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