Our Charter

Première Urgence Internationale (PUI) is a non-governmental, non-profit, non-political and non-religious international aid organization.

Our Commitment

To provide assistance, to relieve and preserve lives by carrying out humanitarian and development actions throughout the world, without any discrimination, in favor of civilian victims, endangered, marginalized or excluded by the effects of armed conflicts, natural disasters or economic collapse following political upheaval or the consequences of environmental and climatic degradation.

Our principles

  • Defense of human rights

PUI places the principle of humanity at the heart of its action. PUI considers that respect for human dignity and the rights of the individual requires the satisfaction of all of their basic needs without any discrimination.

PUI integrates the principles of protection in every action and decision, and aims to obtain full respect for the rights of the individual, in accordance with international human rights law, international humanitarian law and international refugee law.

PUI is committed to promoting and defending the cause of people who are victims of conflicts or other disasters, as well as their fundamental rights. Similarly, PUI takes a public position to promote and preserve the humanitarian space and its access to the beneficiaries of its actions.

  • Independance, neutrality and impartiality

PUI’s actions are guided by its own principles, thus guaranteeing the autonomy of the association’s decisions with the sole aim of preventing and alleviating the suffering of victims of humanitarian crises.

PUI does not take sides in conflicts and aims to support individuals and communities according to vulnerabilities based on their needs and to respond to the most urgent needs in priority, without any distinction of nationality, origin, gender, religion, disability, opinion, or political affiliation nor of any other trait or characteristic.

  • Access, quality and impact

PUI secures and implements all necessary actions to ensure direct access to affected populations.

Its actions are designed on the basis of needs identified in the field.

PUI invests in the achievement of high-quality standards as well as in the continuous improvement of the humanitarian activities carried out.

In its areas of intervention, PUI systematically ensures the mitigation of risks of negative impact of any humanitarian action on the communities concerned, as well as on their natural environment. PUI is committed to adopting a sustainable perspective on environmental issues in the design and implementation of its activities.

  • Accountability

PUI is firmly committed to the principle of accountability to stakeholders (affected communities, international NGOs, local NGOs, authorities, donors, general public, human resources, etc.) and involving the participation of all of the actors concerned, as well as the permanent information sharing and feedback.

PUI utilizes its resources with scrupulous respect for the generosity and trust of its donors and commits to use them in accordance with its ethics and its contractual obligations.

  • Participation and partnership

PUI adapts its actions to the contexts of intervention by ensuring the full participation of populations and communities affected by crises at all stages of the project cycle.

PUI mobilizes human, technical and financial partnerships and acquires skills according to the needs identified in the field. Through maintaining its direct and privileged link with local populations, PUI intervenes by creating synergies with local actors, civil society organizations, local and national institutions and authorities, and international organizations.

  • Commitment and professionalism

PUI promotes humanitarian commitment and the spirit of initiative of all of its human resources and endeavors to offer them a space for permanent dialogue. PUI requires them to be exemplary and to behave ethically, in line with the association’s approach and values.




How your donations are used?

Stats Each year, Première Urgence Internationale allocates most of its resources to the programs and activities and only 0.2% to fundraising. Your donations are crucial.

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Your donations ensure our freedom of action. They allow us to provide support to those affected by crises that have been forgotten by the media and institutional sponsors. It means that the decisions of how to use all of the donations collected are taken by the organisation. It gives us the freedom to act and to increase our responsiveness.
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