Lebanon – A Field Coordinartor based in Tripoli

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Lebanon – A Field Coordinartor based in Tripoli



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Fixed Term Contract

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As soon as possible

Duration of mission

9 months

Position summary


PUI has been present in Lebanon since 1996, when it launched an emergency response operation following the Lebanese-Israeli conflict and has since maintained a significant commitment to the country. As of 2001, a permanent presence was established in Lebanon with a diverse panel of activities ranging from emergency response to recovery and reconstruction. During the last fifteen years, PUI has tackled the needs emerging from conflicts (2001, 2006 and 2007), protracted humanitarian crisis (Palestinian Refugees camps) and chronic underdevelopment (in the South and the North of Lebanon). Since the outbreak of the Syrian crisis in April 2011, and in order to provide life-saving assistance to the most vulnerable conflict-affected population, PUI has developed a response to the refugee crisis.

A multi-sectorial portfolio of activities (Health, WASH, Food Security & Livelihoods, Infrastructure, Shelter rehabilitation and emergency response, Protection) is addressing refugee and host population vulnerabilities by facilitating individuals and communities to achieve respect for rights in safety and dignity. PUI is also seeking more sustainable and cost-efficient modalities of implementation, mainly by building partnerships with local organisations and existing public entities which will contribute to bridge the humanitarian assistance delivered to refugees with specific community support projects to strengthen the social cohesion between communities.

FOCUS on REBAHS project: the REBAHS project aims at Reducing Economic Barriers to Access to Health Services, and is based on subsidization of quality primary Healthcare in a network of PHCCs. Implemented in a consortium with IMC and FPSC, this project is funded by the European Union under MADAD grants. This project aims at delivering quality package of care to the most deprived populations of Lebanon (hosts and refugees) who cannot afford it.

Since it is based on a pilot model develop by PU-AMI, the impact in terms of access and quality needs to be constantly measured, in order to draw proper and relevant lessons, before possible extensions of services.


The field coordinator is responsible for the proper functioning of the project site, and proper implementation of programmes developed on that site.

Main activities

Safety and Security: In collaboration with the head of mission and with the support of the base security manager, s/he is responsible for the safety of the staff and mission assets, and also monitors humanitarian access constraints.

Programmes: S/he is accountable for an adequate definition and efficient implementation of the projects. S/he ensures the coordination between the support teams (administration, information management and log), the implementation teams and the coordinators in order to timely and qualitatively guarantee that the objectives and results of the projects are reached. S/He preventively identifies issues, gaps and delays that may impede the correct implementation of the projects and proposes mitigation plan to the HoM.

Human Resources: S/he supervises all the teams at the site, composed of national and international staff. S/he is responsible for the capacity building and the development of the staff.

Logistical, administrative and financial support: S/he oversees the logistical, administrative and financial components of the base for the purpose of programme implementation, and ensures compliance with the relevant procedures, with substantive support from the logistics coordinator, the human resources coordinator and the administrative coordinator of the mission.

Representation: S/he represents PUI towards the stakeholders of the area (such as donors, authorities, international/local NGOs).

Coordination: S/he centralises and disseminates information from/to the site, and consolidates the internal and external reporting activities implemented in his/her field of operations before submitting them to the head of mission.

Assessment/ Strategy/development: S/he participates in strategy development and proposes new interventions in function of needs identified in his/her field of operations. S/he actively contributes to seek funding opportunities and leads the proposal development process at base level, in close cooperation with coordination.

Audit: S/he is responsible for the compliance with internal procedures of PU AMI, external donors’s rules, as well as the national law.

Required profile


MA/S or equivalent in social science, programme management, international development preferred


At least 6 months experience in a similar Field Co Position

At least 1 year experience in humanitarian context involving populations displacement

Experience working with a variety of donors;

Experience with qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis methodologies required.

and skills

Project Management skills

Team Management

Ability to represent PUI as per the recommendations of the HoM and ensure an efficient and proactive coordination with other actors.


English Mandatory

Proposed terms


Monthly Gross Income: from 2 200  up to 2 530 Euros depending on the  experience in International Solidarity + 50 Euros per semester seniority with PUI


Cost covered:  Round-trip transportation to and from home / mission, visas, vaccines…

Insurance including medical coverage and complementary healthcare, 24/24 assistance and repatriation

Housing in collective accommodation

Daily living Expenses (« Per diem »)


Break Policy  : 5 working days at 3 and 9 months + break allowance

Paid Leaves Policy  : 5 weeks of paid leaves per year + return ticket every 6 months

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In charge

Jean-Christophe Ouedraogo, Human Resources Officer for Expatriates

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