Humanitarian context

The large-scale attacks launched by Russia on February 24, 2022, triggered an unprecedented humanitarian crisis in Ukraine and neighboring countries. The United Nations estimates 18 million people to be affected in Ukraine and nearby countries. By the beginning of April 2022, more than 4 million people had already fled the country, including nearly 2,5 million across the Polish border.

Poland is now the country that receives the most refugees from Ukraine through about eight border crossings in the southeast of the country. Greeted and taken care of in dedicated reception centers, these refugees, mostly women and children, suffer from the fatigue caused by the journey and the psychological consequences of war and exile. The physical and emotional disruption will be a major issue in the protection of refugees and in the assistance that will be provided to them.

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Description of the mission

Première Urgence Internationale provides an immediate response to refugees’ urgent needs in terms of protection, mental health and psychosocial support, at the Medyka border crossing and in front-line refugee reception centers (Przemyśl train station, Tesco supermarket…).

Since the beginning of April, another project is being organized: seven mobile teams will be deployed to different strategic points on the border between Ukraine and Poland to provide protection and mental health care and psychosocial support.

Premiere Urgence Internationale in action

On March 1, just days after the Russian invasion of Ukraine began, Première Urgence Internationale deployed an emergency team to southeastern Poland to assess needs and plan its response to the humanitarian crisis.

In addition to the exhaustion caused by the journey and the wait to cross the border, many refugees are suffering from the psychological consequences of war and exile. Very early on, Première Urgence Internationale was able to set up protection and psychosocial support activities for the most vulnerable people. Located at the various border crossings and in the affiliated reception centers, these activities make it possible to take care of refugees who so desire. Première Urgence Internationale continues its activities in the area, strengthening them with several mobile teams that move along the border to provide assistance to refugees from Ukraine.

Images from the humanitarian mission in Poland

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