Humanitarian context

According to “l’observatoire des inégalités”, poverty is progressing in France. The number of people in precarious situation keeps increasing and social inequalities in health are becoming worse. More than 3 million children, that is to say 1 on 5, is living under the poverty line.

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Description of the mission

Première Urgence Internationale pursues it activities of mediation in health in squats, shanty towns and hospitals in order to address the needs of people in precarious situation. The association has been intervening in the departments of Seine-Saint-Denis and Val-de-Marne since 2012.

The mediation in health and the linguistic interpreting aim at improving the access to rights, to prevention and to healthcare to people who are distant from healthcare and prevention systems by taking into account their specificities. The mission has launched its Rapid Answer Mechanism project in order to respond to the migrants’ influx in Ile-de-France since 2017.

Premiere Urgence Internationale in action

At the Reception Center, sociolinguistic workshops are organized in order to improve the learners’ social and professional integration. Educational workshops are conducted at the same moment to facilitate the access to these sociolinguistic workshops to parents who have children. A public letter-writer’s office completes the activities to answer to a requirement to rights access of the not well-read or non French-speaking learners.

The Rapid Answer Mechanism proposes multisectorial and fast evaluations. It brings a rapid assistance by distributing first needs items and directs populations to associations and common law partners. It mobilizes and sensitizes residents to the issues faced by the populations. The mission also organized a sanitarian and social evaluation among migrants in Seine-Saint-Denis and participated to welcoming migrants on the site of Val-d’Oise and proposed medical consultations.

Our partners

Fondation de France
Fondation Sanofi Espoir
Fondation Abbé Pierre
Emmaüs Liberté
Solidarity AccorHotels
Agence Régionale de Santé Ile-de-France (ARS)
Fondation RAJA - Daniele Marcovici
La chaine de l

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