Premiere Urgence Internationale launches its emergency fund

When a humanitarian crisis occurs, a race against time then starts.
Premiere Urgence Internationale’s Emergency fund reinforces the capacity of mobilizing teams and logistic means to give a quicker response and a more appropriate support.

The Emergency fund has already been used in Haiti

Emergency fund to answer more numerous and more complex crisis

Why launching an emergency fund?

The scale, frequency, diversity, persistence and complexity of humanitarian crises have steadily increased over the last decade”, explains Olivier Routeau, head of Emergencies Department at Première Urgence Internationale.

In consequences, according to the UN, in 2017: 130 million people in the world are in need of a humanitarian emergency assistance. 66 million people are rootless across the world because of conflicts and persecutions. However, nearly 50% of financial needs for humanitarian help are not covered.

In this context, the objective of Premiere Urgence Internationale is twofold. First, providing emergency support to crisis-affected communities. Then, implementing long-term programs that address the underlying causes of the crisis, build resilience and promote peaceful communities. According to Erwan Legrand, director of Development at Première Urgence Internationale: “The strength of Première Urgence Internationale is related to its ability to be responsive, to adapt to the specificities of each crisis and each place of intervention, and to innovate in the face of the challenges of aid on the ground”.

A fund for a quick response

Depending on the typology of the crisis, the deployment of emergency fund resources can take different forms, including:

  • Sending an evaluation team / needs assessment team, responsible for defining the intervention logic of Premiere Urgence Internationale. In particular, in a context of global crisis, requiring emergency humanitarian assistance and support for resilience and longer-term development.
  • The deployment of an emergency team, to ensure the implementation of the very first assistance programs in a context of major crisis.

Moreover, every partner, company, corporate foundation and major donor can commit to different financial levels with Première Urgence Internationale. The goal is therefore to move towards a more sustainable management of humanitarian aid by paying an annual contribution.

How your donations are used?

Stats Each year, Première Urgence Internationale allocates most of its resources to the programs and activities and only 0.2% to fundraising. Your donations are crucial.

Take control of your destiny

Your donations ensure our freedom of action. They allow us to provide support to those affected by crises that have been forgotten by the media and institutional sponsors. It means that the decisions of how to use all of the donations collected are taken by the organisation. It gives us the freedom to act and to increase our responsiveness.
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