Democratic People’s Republic of Korea – A Training on Dairy and Milk Processing

PUI plans to collaborate with a non-Korean institution or consultant specialized in professional training / milk production and processing. The elected candidate will provide technical support to PUI and ensure one training session on milk production and processing.

The trainings will focus on the production of lactic ferments and yogurts in the frame of extensive goat farming. More precisely, the international expert will have to address milk processing optimization, taking into account the production quality, appropriate hygiene standards and adaptation to the local context and field realities.

History: the trainings can rely on previous actions:

– One foregoing international training on milk processing (1 week) in September, 2018, that initiated the farmers’ to several dairy techniques

– The construction of dairy units by PUI in each farm, supplied with specific dairy processing equipment. The machines provided will ensure simple pasteurization, skimming, and lactic fermentation.

The content of the training courses may be modified according to the needs identified on the field and according to the concerted opinions of the expert and the technical managers of the projects.

The training will focus on functional and practical know-how.

It will be given to approximatively 20 technicians of the four farms of the project. Some farm executives may also attend the training. The objective will be to improve the technical skills of the farmers, to get immediate impact on production and enhance best practices sharing.

The training will last 5 days (7 days in the country), in April or May, 2019.

For more information, please look at the complete training description.

Service providers are invited to express their interest and send their offer before March, 15th, 2019. During the constitution of their proposal files, the tenderers may send questions and enquiries to PUI’s Project Manager in the DPRK: Amélie GUIOT-ZIMMERMANN, [email protected], with the Asia Program Officer at PUI headquarters in cc: Martine Ligier, mligier[email protected]

The project document (including the logical framework) as submitted to the donor is available on demand.

Answer limit date : Closed

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